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A  little extra about what I offer as incentives to become a part of the family. Look below and see the many services that are offered. 

Gift Certificates

What better way than to surprise a loved one with a gift certificate! Good for all services! Available for every holiday or simply just because.

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Referral Program

Spread the word and have them mention your name - you will get extra prizes depending on the number of referrals provided.

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Check out the many reading services that are available for all of your needs! 

General or Mediumship

Let me help you connect with your loved ones in order to gain closure and acceptance; let's move together through the 5 stages of grief - you are not alone.

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Love or Relationship

Receive insight into your current situation when it comes to love, romance or relationships to help you make decisions or know your path.

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Job or Career

Jenn can provide you with information that will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time.

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Life Purpose

Even if you don't feel you are living your life purpose - chances are, you are! Jenn will help you learn what your true path in life is.

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Tarot or Oracle Card

Need quick answers or messages from the archangels or your spirit guides? This is a good way to have a reading to simply 'get a snapshot' of how things are with you.

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Past Life

This reading can be a helpful tool in identifying aspects of our current life that will bring us better understanding, and peace.

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Holistic Remedies Services

Dig into this toolbox of holistic ways to bring closer, light, love and answers for all of your holistic wellness needs. 

Dream Interpretation

Get the answers that you seek from lucid, confusing or repetitive dreams. Uncover the hidden desires and messages from your subconscious.

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Art, Color & Play Therapy

Creative therapies are beneficial in tapping into your own self-expression therefore allowing yourself to be authentic and express yourself without any restrictions. Your soul longs to see where it can go without restrictions let me help you find that way.

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Past Life Regression

Work through karmic patterns and repetitive fears that transcend from past lives into the present life you live. Allow yourself the freedom of imprints that the past has made on your soul.

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Mental Health Services

Certified Natural Healing Practitioner to help in all of your physical, mental and spiritual needs. Come to me to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma as well as many others. Specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy, Schizophrenia and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

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Brief Addiction Therapy

Brief addiction therapy to aid in alleviating symptoms related to all types of addiction from caffeine to hard drugs.

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Intuitive Counseling

Gain the needed tools to aid in alleviating symptoms related to anxiety, depression, addiction, grief or any other psychological illnesses.

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USUI Reiki Healing & Energy Healing

Reiki is a holistic method of healing that promotes wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It feels deeply centering, relaxing, nurturing and peaceful. The Reiki energy (also known as Universal Life Energy) is drawn in by the receiver's body in just the right amount needed to assist in restoring balance, vitality and wellness.

For Mind, Body, Spirit

I work with the universal life force energy also known as Reiki in order to aid in all of your distance healing needs. This is good for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

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When Things Are Tough

Perfect when you have worry, stress, frustration or confusion with your situation.

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For Babies & Children

Allow me to help relax your child and provide confidence, comfort and energy in your little angel with Infant and Children Reiki Healing.

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For Pets & Animals

Allow me to work with your precious fur child to alleviate the pain and create energy, comfort and overall increased wellness as well as less sensitivity to situational aspects with Animal Reiki Healing.

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Crystal Reiki

Experience holistic healing on a new level. Gain healing to alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of condition including but not limited to depression, anxiety, grief, aches and pains etc.

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Chakra Cleansing

Get your 7 chakra's spinning, refreshed and rejuvenated in only 60 minutes with a Chakra Balance/Cleansing.

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USUI Reiki Certification Courses

Come start your lightworker journey as you obtain certification in levels 1, 2, 3 and Master! 

Reiki Level I Certification

Work with me on a one on one basis to understand the basics, obtain the powers within to heal and kickstart your life as a healing practitioner. Obtain your Level 1 Attunement.

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Reiki Level II Certification

Work with me on a one on one basis to understand Reiki on a deeper level and start or continue to expand your Reiki business to a successful level. Obtain your Level 2 Attunement.

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Reiki Level III Certification

Work with me on a one on one basis to ensure that you are getting the most power and balance in your lightwork. Obtain your Level 3 Attunement.

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Reiki Master Certification

With Usui Reiki Master Certification you can advance your practitioner level to be able to expand and enhance your energy healing business on a different level.

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Reiki Master Teacher Cert.

Increase your business potential! Become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher

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Essential Sprays

Collect yours for all of your holistic needs!

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