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Available Readings

Check out the many reading services that are available for all of your needs.

General or Mediumship

Let me help you connect with your loved ones in order to gain closure and acceptance; let's move together through the 5 stages of grief - you are not alone.

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Love or Relationship

Receive insight into your current situation when it comes to love, romance or relationships to help you make decisions or know your path.

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Job or Career

Jenn can provide you with information that will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time.

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Life Purpose

Even if you don't feel you are living your life purpose - chances are, you are! Jenn will help you learn what your true path in life is.

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Tarot or Oracle Card

Need quick answers or messages from the archangels or your spirit guides? This is a good way to have a reading to simply 'get a snapshot' of how things are with you.

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Past Life

This reading can be a helpful tool in identifying aspects of our current life that will bring us better understanding, and peace.

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Dream Interpretation

Get the answers that you seek from lucid, confusing or repetitive dreams. Uncover the hidden desires and messages from your subconscious.

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Past Life Regression

Work through karmic patterns and repetitive fears that transcend from past lives into the present life you live. Allow yourself the freedom of imprints that the past has made on your soul.

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Intuitive Counseling

Gain the needed tools to aid in alleviating symptoms related to anxiety, depression, addiction, grief or any other psychological illnesses.

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