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Psychic Medium, Intuitive Counselor, Advanced Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Natural Practitioner & Ordained Minister

 "Let the beauty we love, be what we do" - Rumi

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Crockett's Corner

Welcome To My Daily Story! 

Advanced Reiki Energy Healing

February 27th 2018

Reiki is a holistic method of healing that promotes wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It feels deeply centering, relaxing, nurturing and peaceful. The Reiki energy (also known as Universal Life Energy) is drawn in by the receiver’s body in just the right amount needed to assist in restoring balance, vitality and wellness. Schedule a time to be a part of your healing or allow me to perform distance healing. Allow Reiki Energy Healing to work in amazing ways to make you feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually 

Your Past

April 8th 2018

Use your past as a place for healing, lessons and a way to grow from experiences/emotions that you may or may not want to have surface again. Do not get stuck in the past thinking it is okay to build a home and get comfortable. This will only hinder you from building the future and achieving the results for your life that you desire. Think positive and learn from the past <3

Card of the Day May 18th 2018

May 18th 2018



This card tells you that you’re being gently encouraged to step into your power, into the dream of your life. New things are out there to be explored, and the nurturing power of the universe is giving you a nudge in the right direction. You will get the help you need and won’t be alone in your quest. Every step you take right now is supported by the wisdom of the universe! You are on the right path . . . keep going.!

Card of the Day May 24th 2018

May 24th 2018

                                                            <3 Temple of Carnelian <3

                                                    Entering the Fierce Belly of Sekhmet

You have such strength within you. It is time to trust in your own boldness and courage. Taking risks that feel true to your heart and engaging in practices that make you feel truly and genuinely alive, embodied and more of yourself, even if not always comfortable, are going to help you live the life you were born to live.

In the Fierce Belly of Sekhmet, the Lion - Headed Sister of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Passion, Courage and Fire, there is no room for procrastination, self - doubt or turning back! She urges you on to your high destiny, calling to you to believe, keep going, reach higher and expand wider. You can do so knowing that the Temple of Carnelian will bring you warm strength, encouragement and deep trust in your own body wisdom to guide you through any situation or relationship that may arise to test you so that you can grow into more of your magnificent being.

This oracle calls you to have the courage of your convictions, to have faith in yourself and your own process, to be fearless as you are assured of victory! Sekhmet will not be defeated. <3


May 24th 2018

Sometimes things seem chaotic, out of control and as if there is no other chapter to open. This is when magic happens and you blossom into what the world and the divine plan have for you in this lifetime. Be open to spiritual guidance, growth, love and most of all magic. Just when things seem out of control is when you become free; just like a butterfly <3


May 25th 2018

There are times when you can't remember why the hard work, all the energy and sacrifices are made on a day to day basis to do what you need or to accomplish what you desire. Know that there is a reason you began the journey in the first place, dig deep and understand why your soul is taking you along the path. Walk with nothing less than love, light and faith <3

Card of the Day May 25th 2018

May 25th 2018

                                                                <3 GAIA'S GARDEN <3

                           FRUITION, ABUNDANCE, REAPING WHAT YOU SOW

In Gaia's Garden, you have everything you need to make your dreams come true. There is no shortage of anything, and you're constantly reminded of the Law of Supply. Gaia is the infinite Spirit manifest in all-tangible things. She represents the abundance of Nature. When she comes to you as your Ally, she invites you to partake of all the blessings of Life. There will always be enough for everyone. Success comes to you from the fruits of your intentions, and all is well with the world as a result. This is also a sign to remind you to give thanks and maintain an attitude of humility and gratitude as your greatest good now manifests for you. Gaia's gifts are sweeter when you share them with others. <3 #cardoftheday #fruition #abundance #reapingwhatyousow #Gaiasgarden

Healing is Control

May 26th 2018

When it comes to self care it is about knowing when your thoughts, action or energy is serving you in a healthy, beneficial way. Take the time to heal, get to know your body, mind and spirit in order to know that you are indeed in control. Be gentle with yourself and take it one day at a time! You got this! <3

Card of the Day May 26th 2018

May 26th 2018



Whenever you set your sights too far ahead, you run the risk of losing your footing, for rarely do the present and future match up exactly on the Enchanted Map that is your life story. The future has no substance right now; it is a place that has no grounding as of yet. You can’t live there, yet you can take measured steps to- ward a goal or dream. These steps are important now. The same goes for nostalgia. You can look into the past wistfully and remember beautiful moments or revisit lessons learned. However, you can’t live there, nor can you go back and change what was. Yesterday is gone forever. Live fully in the present. The “now” is the most powerful place to put your attention. Its magic reaches out in every direction, further than the heart and soul can see. <3

Follow your soul

May 27th 2018

Life can be a roller coaster, making you feel as if you never know what direction to go. Make sure you follow your heart and soul they know the way to your deepest desires and your biggest goals. When all else fails remember, intuition is GPS of the soul! <3

Card of the Day May 27th 2018

May 27th 2018



The Swan Queen glides your way and asks that you look at your reflection in the events of your life. She gives you the ability to see the beauty that has transformed your life from ignorance to wisdom. The Swan Queen lets you know that it's time to go within and seek the answers in your own intuition. Don't look outside yourself for answers now; the true power lies reflected in the still waters within you. Now is the moment to meditate and ask for a vision. The power of psychic perception is inherent in you, and the Swan Queen will help you dive deep into your query to find the answers you seek. This is also a reminder to allow time to transform ideas into reality. Nothing happens overnight. <3

Silence your Mind

May 28th 2018

Some individuals find it very hard to silence their mind, get time to their selves or find the peace that they have always desired. A key to self care, balance and peace is to spend time alone with yourself in a safe, comfortable, silent space that will allow you to sit in the power. Learn who you are on the inside and grow tremendously in every aspect of your life. Take the time to nourish your body, mind and spirit by spending only 5 minutes in silence a day <3

Card of the Day May 28th 2018

May 28th 2018

<3 The Lotus Throne <3

The same Lotus wisdom the enlightens beloved Kuan Yin and all spiritual masters is the very same Lotus Light within your own heart beloved. It can take great courage to trust your own inner light, to ascend the thrown of your own inner spiritual authority, especially if the light of others around you seems more powerful than your own. You are being asked to trust this inner guidance above all others now. Have faith in your own heart. Know that you are divine.

There are times on the Path that we can greatly benefit from assistance from others. In fact these times are almost always! A true spiritual master, teacher, guru, guide or healer has the same role - to connect you with conscious awareness to your own inner light so that you may come to realize the spiritual power, authority and beauty that you are in truth is the same spiritual power , authority and beauty that you may see and honor in them!

Sometimes we might need an external guide to help us make that connection. Sometimes we are closer to our own divine wisdom then we consciously realize yet we fall into a habit of believing that others may know more of what is good or true for us then we do ourselves. Sometimes, out of habit and conditioning. it is just easier to see the divine light in others than within out own heart.

This oracle has come to you to guide you to trust that your own inner teacher is growing stronger, that you have more spiritual wisdom then you may have previously acknowledged and that you will benefit greatly from heeding your own heart's guidance at this time. <3

Inner Courage

May 29th 2018

Courage is doing something that frightens you or having strength in the face of tremendous pain, grief or anything else that is unhealthy to the energy around you. Taking a step in the direction of healing, knowing it takes one step at a time and being gentle with yourself will allow you to break free of any chains and begin the process of living the life that you want to live. #takecourageandtakepower #lovelaughlive

Card of the Day May 29th 2018

May 29th 2018



The Oracle’s message: The Serenity Prayer sums up the meaning of this card: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” There are things in life you will never have control over. The conditions brought on by the evolution of the collective, by nature, and by your past experiences may be fated, preordained by Spirit for a greater purpose you cannot understand in this lifetime. It may not be in your cards to understand why certain events occurred, but you can accept the mystery and work with what those events and your current circumstances have to teach you. This is the wisdom contained in the Serenity Prayer.

Relationship message: Other people are who they are. You can’t change them. The challenge is to accept them as they are and not try to make them otherwise to suit you. This is a time to look at how you attempt to mold people to fit your view of how they should be so you can remain in the relationship and avoid discomfort. What if who they are, and whatever is happening between you and them in this situation, is perfect from the perspective of Spirit? Now is the time to accept what you cannot change, even if it means that you honor yourself, Spirit, and the other person by moving on. Love unconditionally—for each of us is on our own journey, and we cannot direct that of another. Be aware that this relationship is indeed fated, and you are meant to evolve into a better version of yourself as a result of it.

Prosperity message: Your experiences concerning prosperity and abundance are beyond your personal control right now. You are being invited to accept “what is” unreservedly. This could be a temporary situation, seemingly thrust upon you by outside forces, but there is an underlying purpose you can’t see that has been determined by the Fates. It could be a situation you are unprepared for, and you may not understand how it will benefit you in the moment. Do not fight the situation. Ride it out and see where it leads. Surrender to it, and the serenity you need to make good choices from here on out will be given to you. You will indeed flourish.<3 #cardoftheday #fate #Karma #acceptthingsyoucannotchange #honoryourselfandspirit #rideoutthewave #abundanceandprosperity #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day May 30th 2018

May 30th 2018

<3 EAGLE <3


Eagle comes from the east, the place of the rising sun, of new beginnings. She soars high in the sky, sees the smallest detail with clarity without losing track of the bigger picture, and nests in the high mountains. For Eagle, there are no obstacles, only opportunities. She calls you to ascend, to acquire perspective, so you can fly wing to wing with Great Spirit.


Have you become trapped in your daily routine and feel you do not know where to go and what to do next? Have you lost your sense of purpose? Eagle invites you to take a deep breath and spread your wings. When was the last time you opened them? Eagle reminds you that your spirit was born to soar to the heavens. As you contemplate choices, ask yourself: “Do I want to live in a chicken coup, sheltered from life, counting the regular feedings, or do I want to soar like an eagle?” If your answer is the latter, then you must accept Eagle’s invitation and embrace the courage that will help you choose freedom.


It is time to see through the eyes of Eagle. Let your vision of the whole and of its parts become laser-like, and set your priorities straight. What did you come to do in this life? Did you come to climb up the ladder of financial or social success? Did you come to become a better person, to heal your heart, and to realize your essential self? What is your divine mission here on Earth? No more excuses. Of course, you do not have enough time, enough money, or enough sleep . . . Yet the time is now to fly to your chosen purpose. If you postpone it, you are betraying yourself. Look through the eyes of Eagle and consider every obstacle an opportunity. Where you set your intention is where you’ll end up. Free yourself and live your highest destiny. Fly! <3

Life is an Adventure

May 30th 2018

Fear may make us turn our backs on our biggest adventures and greatest chances for success! Make sure that you are following your heart, soul and intuition to know that you are being guided along your spirit, divine and ultimate path for your soul <3 Follow the light of your life and don't ever look back, think twice or second guess yourself! Life is about adventure, stepping outside of your comfort zone and making your dreams come true <3

Your Energy

May 31th 2018

Keep your thoughts, vibes and energy positive in order to manifest and acquire the authentic relationships that will serve you in beneficial ways. If you feel lost, broke, stale or negative in anyway check your energy, clear your space and do what is necessarily to move with clear, positive and loving energy <3

Card of the Day May 31st 2018

May 31th 2018



When the Dream Walker is your Ally, dreams really can and do come true. Still, there are two kinds: those of the small Self and those of the Divine. Spirit has a dream for you that is yours alone, and all you need to do is ask and it will unfold like magic You also play an important and unique part in the Divine dreaming of the world. When you ask, Is this the dream for me that serves the greater dream? the most beautiful vision for your life serves the highest good for others, too. Just the act of asking will immediately provide the answer. The Dream Walker is beside you to help you move effortlessly through the illusions, observing the Truth and celebrating the waking dream of your life that results.


June 1st 2018

Sometimes you look for a way that is holistic, free of chemicals and natural to lift your spirits, make you feel as if you are enjoying the current path you are on and loving the here and now. There are things you can do on a daily basis to boost your mood, improve the energy around you or raise your vibration - Laughter is just one of them! #livelaughlove #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 1st 2018

June 1st 2018

<3 Drink From The Emerald Fountain <3

The Divine Feminine is encouraging of the awakening and empowerment of all living beings. when a sincere seeker is trying to find the way through, there is much help sent. It makes sense to be open to receive it, indeed to step forward and drink from the emerald fountain which is the unconditionally loving heart chakra of Kuan Yin. Allow yourself to be nourished by the power and love of the Divine Mother flowing to you now.

There is nothing to be gained in making life more difficult than it needs to be, other than unnecessary stress or perhaps the learning that it isn't as much fun this way! At this time, you are going through a time of important spiritual growth. Your Higher Self has set a spiritual schedule and is planning on being at a certain destination in time and space to set events in motion, to benefit from synchronicities and to be able to live out its Divine Purpose int he physical world too. The Soul is very resourceful and is calling for Divine help in getting to its destination on time. <3

Be With Those

June 2nd 2018

Your mood, energy and vibration are affected tremendously by the company that you keep and the situations, individuals or experiences that you allow to affect your personal space. Make sure you are clear of clutter or anything that is not serving you in a healthy way. Surround your self with positive light, love and laughter <3 #notimeforstress #healthyvibes #positivelife #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 2nd 2018

June 2nd 2018



The Oracle’s message: Spirit sends you signs when you ask for them; when you believe you will receive them; and when you allow yourself to become fluent in the language of symbols, oracles, and omens. They may come to you as a bird flying by, a logo on a truck, and a song on the radio. Expect confirmation that you’re pointed in the right direction. Keep your ears open, for someone might say just the right thing that will give you the answer to your query. Today your message is this: Spirit hears you, and the reply is favorable.

Relationship message: You can expect someone to favor you with positive news. This could be in the form of a letter, phone call, or e-mail. You are the intended receiver of this message, so stay open to what you learn. Only good will come of it in the end. The signs are all there.

Prosperity message: You are on target with your purpose and your passion. You are coming into alignment with your destiny, and Spirit wants you to know that you’re on the right track. Expect a call, a new opportunity, or a message from an old friend or business contact that will lead you closer to your dreams and greatest desires. Spirit has been listening to you! 

Do Not Let Your Past Be Your Present Story

June 3rd 2018

The experiences, situations and individuals you meet are called your past for a reason! Everything happens for a reason and there are lessons to be learned with each experience but the past is not meant to be a place that we end up building a house and living in forever. Learn from your past in order to create an amazing, desirable future <3

Card of the Day June 3rd 2018

June 3rd 2018


Celebrate The Power Of You.

The Butterfly asks you to accept the inevitable changes in life with faith, patience and truth. Transformation can be one of the most beautiful and inspiring times in one's life. When you go with the change and receive the support from friends and family, you can flow with your life, body, mind and spirit. Toiling and fretting is useless against the tides of nature. Embrace and discover your new self. To live the happy life is a slow process requiring patience, making mistakes and learning from them. Through change and transformation, the opportunity comes for resurrection and celebration.

MANTRA: I celebrate the changes in my life. <3 


June 4th 2018

Intuition ~ it is that feeling that you get with all of your being, the signs that show you along the way that you are being guided to accomplish not only what you are set out to do but what you were meant to do here on this earth! That little pull will show us the direction that we need to take in life, knowing when to take a giant leap of faith or just a step at a time. Our journey here is about getting to know our soul, finding what completes us while at the same time pleasing our higher self or our higher directional goals. Follow your heart, your intuition and your soul and you will always find yourself knocking on the right door of opportunity for the deepest lessons and the greatest level of understanding for growth, opportunity, success, love and most of all happiness <3 #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 4th 2018

June 4th 2018

<3 DANCE <3


This card is an invitation to break out of physical or mental rigidity. Dancing moves our energy. With intention, movement can help us overcome our creative, mental, and emotional blocks. Dancing gets our hearts pumping, our blood racing, and forces us to breathe more deeply. This movement will positively impact our mood and mental state, thereby freeing up our thought processes to see things in a new light.

All that is needed is music, and if you're shy, perhaps a locked door. This card also invites you to play more with the people, the environment, and the energies around you. Dancing with another requires having faith in the other. It is getting to know them, anticipating their next moves and supporting them if you're inclined; letting the other "read" your intentions and support you too.

Going forth to dance with your world in this way, with awareness that everything is a collaborative effort, connects us to the wider dance. If we step outside our comfort zones with the faith that we will attract the people and the support that we need, then that is what we will get. So go ahead and just dance. <3

The Sun Will Always Rise

June 5th 2018

When you believe that you are not going to be able to over come a situation or that you are stuck in a rut remember that everything happens for a reason. When it comes to those days that seem hard, confusing or impossible remember that there is never a rainbow without rain and rain without sunshine! Utilize mother nature and the miracle of a new day to start fresh, take a step to do the things you have always desired and make the impact you have always wanted! Every day is an opportunity for a new experience, deeper understanding or dream to be achieved! Step out, achieve and conquer! #newdaynewgoals #wipeclean #freshstart #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 5th 2018

June 5th 2018


Explorer divers are some of the bravest people. Imagine what it’s like to go from adventure to adventure discovering the mysteries of the deep. Our ancestors practiced free-diving in antiquity to recover valuable items from sunken ships or to sabotage enemy boats. It wasn’t until the invention of diving bells in the late 1500s that divers could explore the underwater world without relying solely on a powerful pair of lungs.

With each dive, a diver enters into a different world. Even if she’s been to the dive location before, it’s not the same dive. Water is in constant motion, marine life comes and goes, and currents may have churned the seabed to reveal treasures. The diver is extending her hand and wishing to take you on an adventure. It’s time to add some excitement and kick-up the energy. Be bold and get outside of your comfort zone – new worlds, treasures and adventures await.

QUESTION: How can you be more adventurous?

AFFIRMATION: I’m brave and adventurous like a deep sea diver!  


June 6th 2018

One of the hardest things in life is finding the courage, strength and confidence to believe in yourself! Magic is when wonderful, exciting and miraculous things happen ~ the impossible become the possible and dreams come true. Believe in yourself, gain the confidence you need and watch the magic happen! <3

Card of the Day June 6th 2018

June 6th 2018


The radiant light of the Divine is pouring through me and illuminating all areas of my life.

You are transforming outdated beliefs, situations, relationships, thoughts, and feelings that no longer serve your higher purpose or fuel your life. As such, a more luminous expression of your soul's light is now shining through you. This soulful light allows you to align with your higher purpose and feel more like your true self. It supports you in knowing more clearly which activities to partake in and which to let pass, and it opens your heart to accept even more abundance, light and joy into your life. To further support this emergence, continue to consciously choose the thoughts, people and situations that call forth the most light in your life. In any situation, ask yourself: Does this add light and vitality to my life or does it diminish me in some way? Remember, darkness is but a momentary illusion that must ultimately yield to light. <3

Make A Change

June 7th 2018

Not wanting to be in the place that you want emotionally, physically or spiritually is very difficult. There are times we all feel that we are not happy and we desire to have our dreams accomplished or even just to feel as if we are not struggling from day to day. Take a step and change: get balanced emotionally, manifest positivity by remaining your thought process to be positive and grow in ways that you know are healthy and beneficial for your mind, body and soul! You are capable of being happy and having everything you have desired ~ all it takes it one step at a time! <3

Card of the Day June 7th 2018

June 7th 2018


The knowingness of something greater..

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can." ~Nikos Kazantzakis


Believe in your self and know that you can create anything you wish, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Remember that you are a spark of the great infinite consciousness, where limitations and fear don't exist. Believe in your dreams and realize the potential of your own divine power.

Everything in existence consists of electromagnetic waves of energy, including you. Tap into the source of your existence and draw from the well of the eternal spirit residing within your soul.

You feel an internal burning to unite with your higher self and you are ready to take action. Trust your inner guidance--as it is directing you to a promising new truth, one that places you into alignment with spirit. You feel a greater force working through you and the more you acknowledge this energy, the greater your belief grows. Keep on believing with dynamic faith, because this is the voice of your soul calling you back home to your beloved Creator.


I believe in me. I know that what sustains me is the power of cosmic consciousness. I am endowed with intelligent knowledge, intuition and absolute truth. I am immortal spirit. I believe in me... the bigger I become... the more I am able to express my goodness out into the world. I know that I have dynamic force through the power of my will to overcome all perceived obstacles. I will continue to believe in the higher power that is guiding me. I believe in my gifts, my talents and my abilities. I am willing to express their divine beauty and share their gifts to the world. I believe in love and I know that I am eternal light projecting in the purest form of love. I believe in me!


How can I believe in myself more?

Are there areas in my life that I have given up believing in?

Do I believe in me?

What "truths" do I believe?


I believe in the wonders of life.

Card of the Day June 8th 2018

June 8th 2018

                                                                   <3 SPIRIT OF FIRE <3

Transformation. Take risks. Face your fears. Break out of old patterns and conventions. Just because you've always done something in the past doesn't mean that you need to continue to do it in the future. Try something new. Change your routines and habits. Reach out in new directions. The Thunderbird is rising in you; out of the ashes come new growth and new beginnings.

YOUR NATIVE SPIRIT WANTS YOU TO KNOW: In Native cultures, fire was thought to be a gift from the creator that carried the power of renewal. Fire can maintain life - and it can destroy it. It is the warmth of the tribal fire, but it's also the thundering lightning bolt cast down from the sky. It can purify and transform - and it can annihilate. Fire represents your life force, the spark of life within you, and also the pure white light within you. The spirit of fire invites you to take some risks and face your fears. We often are reacting to situations because of preconditioned responses based on our self generating definition of self. Every time you change an old habit - even changing to a different breakfast food - it helps you begin to step out of a limiting definition of self. Purification by fire creates transformation. Take care to keep your energy in balance. Fire that burns too brightly, burns out.... but a fire that's left to smolder, dies.

THE JOURNEY: When you first awaken in the morning, focus on the emerging sunlight. Imagine that you are breathing in that light. Gaze unblinkingly into a candle flame, and focus your awareness on the inner flame within you. By doing this, you're activating the spirit of fire that dwells within you and around you. Imagine yourself to be a single candle flame, a campfire, a forest fire, electricity, lightening, the sun, and stars.

AFFIRM THIS: May the light of the sun illuminate my heart, that my heart may illuminate the world. 

Card of the Day June 9th 2018

June 9th 2018

                                                                  <3 VIBRATIONAL MATCH <3

You are sending out new signals that are bringing forward positive new experiences.

You have been focusing on sending out positive vibrations that are in alignment with what you truly wish to create for yourself. A vibration is a signal that you are sending out into the universe that is based on your dominate belief system and the thoughts and pictures that you entertain in your mind. As you shift your signal, you will notice great changes taking place in your current reality. You may no longer have the same things in common with people that you once had before. You are creating a new reality for yourself and, as you do this, you are inviting new people and experiences into your life.

Exciting things are beginning to take place as your vibration is calling forth more and more positive experiences. You are entering the beginning of an exciting new reality. Your reality is changing as you continue to let go of old beliefs and focus on creating the life of your dreams. This card may also represent a change in residence, a chance meeting with your true love, or possibly even travel. Magical events are happening all around you now. <3

Card of the Day June 11th 2018

June 11th 2018

<3 The World <3

Bravo! It's time to take a bow, as everyone is so very proud of you and the progress you have made. Recognize your own successes as a way to reinforce just how powerful and creative you are. Like your fairy friends, you have the magic touch right now. Be fearless in choosing your next big accomplishment.

This is the time to move forward in your spiritual development. Continue your journey along the path of enlightenment, as it's also the path of joy!

Our fairy from The card has made it successfully to the end of her journey! She wears the sign for infinity in her crown and on her shoes, indicating that she can now begin a whole new adventure if she desires.

Additional meanings of this card: A journey that's now at the end. Great achievements. New beginnings. The freedom to go in any direction. A sense of completion. Feeling like your at home. Finally free and unique to yourself! <3

Card of the Day June 12th 2018

June 12th 2018

<3 WHITE LIGHT (Chakra Activation) <3

Your chakras, or energetic centers, are essential in accessing and translating the higher realms of spirit into physical form. Through your open and activated chakras, you are able to lift in vibration to connect with your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides of the Light, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and directly with the Divine. When the chakras become blocked through negativity or disuse, not only are you blocked from the realms of spirit... You are likely to experience symptoms in your physical body as a result of blocked or out of balance chakras as well.

A simple practice to cleanse and activate your chakras is this. Quiet your mind, and begin to feel your energy center, and then ground to the earth. Feel your oneness with earth, and with All That Is. Now imagine divine white light flowing up from the core of the earth. Allow this light to enter in through the bottom of your feet. Allow the light to flow up, opening, balancing and activating your root chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra which are all united in white light. Now continue to lift up and into the light, into direct presence with Source and All That Is. This fully opens and activating your chakras for the highest and greatest good.

And so it is. <3 

Card of the Day June 13th 2018

June 13th 2018


The spirit of the Jaguar is coming to help you reconnect with your personal power. Do you feel vulnerable or helpless? Do you often feel pain in your belly or root chakra? Has fear been the main emotion in your life lately? If the answer is "Yes," then you may now need to feel your power again.

Don't confuse power with manipulation or domination, though. Many people try desperately to change the circumstances of their life, and if they can't, they feel defeated. This is not a place of power, but a place of struggle and avoidance. A real place of power is facing any challenge, knowing you are strong enough to overcome it. Which is always the case, by the way, as life never confronts you with things you can't really handle.

So whatever you may be experiencing right now, just face it boldly, breathe, and say firmly to yourself: "I am more than strong enough to handle this." Feel your power again, and fear will eventually vanish.

Message from the Jaguar: "You are not a victim. You are powerful, and strong enough to handle anything." <3

Card of the Day June 14th 2018

June 14th 2018


You are being protected by forces greater than yourself. Release your fears.

You are safe. There is nothing to fear. Remember that FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real. The ego often tries to convince us that our fears are real, keeping us scared and helpless. However, your higher self knows you are fully capable of moving forward with positive results. God, Goddess, Gaia, The Universe, Source, Spirit, or what you believe in is supporting and protecting you so you can move forward with confidence.


Call on Archangel Michael for protection

Your family and friends are safe 

Trust in the Universe

You have nothing to fear

Surround yourself with blue light

You are loved deeply 

Make a wish 

Spend time gazing at the stars

CRYSTALS: lapis lazuli, orange calcite, and red jasper 

Stretch Your Mind

June 14th 2018

Make sure you are taking a step outside of your comfort zone! Open your senses and live life to the fullest! Expand your mind, your experiences and most of all your soul! A soul journey is unique to each of us, remember that and embrace it! #openyoursenses #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Adventures to Find Where You Belong

June 15th 2018

Your journey here on this earth is unique to you only! Find out what you like and what you dislike; don't be afraid to take chances and find magic. When you take the steps to follow your heart and your passion you end up with individuals, situations and experiences that are worth a lifetime! #adventuresareoutthere #makeamemory #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #adventureofalifetime #findyourhome #belong #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 15th 2018

June 15th 2018


With Sphinx-like gaze, the Seer's vision augurs the unknown

You can accurately assess a situation and surmise the outcome. Prophetic images flash through your mind, dreaming or awake. You already know what to do and "The Seer" reinforces that you are on the right path. You may meet a very perceptive man, woman or child that will help guide you along the way.

INTERPRETATION: It is a time for you to start tuning in to your instincts - that deepest inner sense of personal truth in any given situation - and start acting on that truth, moment to moment. You can read the emotions and energies of other people. More importantly, you are learning to trust yourself and your feelings. This will lead you to the answers you seek. Notice what happens when you follow your intuitive feelings. In contrast, notice what happens when you doubt, suppress or go against your feelings. Invariably, you will observe decreased energy, a sense of powerlessness, and emotional and/or physical pain. <3 

Soul With A Body Not a Body With A Soul

June 16th 2018

Don't limit yourself to any expectations or restrictions! Your soul is ready to learn, grow and fly to amazing heights! Embrace yourself and enjoy the journey that we have here in this body but don't forget that we are just souls in temporary bodies! #embraceyoursoulandfly #befearless #soartonewheights #nolimitations #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the day June 16th 2018

June 16th 2018


Sandalphon wants you to know that this is a light - filled time in your life. You are evolving by leaps and bounds, so this is a time to fill your heart with gratitude. Also, remember that if manifestation is not fully apparent just yet, destiny will soon be knocking at your door, summoning you to reach new heights and new visions. Prepare by relinquishing anything of the past that stops you from emerging as the creative genius that you truly are. You will see twelve orbs emerging through the Oracle, representing the Universal Resonance frequency. Therefore, see how twelve aspects of your own evolving nature are present at this time. Chant OM to channel the creative presence of the Universe and to fully initiate the promise of future glory. <3

Things Stick Until Lessons Are Learned

June 17th 2018

Situations, environments, individuals, etc. come across our path in life that we are not always happy with. There are times that you wish you could make changes or get rid of the chains holding you back, but it may be easier said than done! Know that everything you go through is for a reason, a lesson and an experience to shape you for your next chapter in life. If it is not going away or changing despite your efforts - it is very likely something unseen is going on; trust the magic and enjoy the experience of life! #rideitout #openyoursenses #trustyourpath #enjoyyourexperiences #lessonslearned #livelaughlove #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 17th 2018

June 17th 2018


Dolphins are playful sea mammals that like to include other animals in their games with or without their good will. They find it quite amusing to carry, push, pass and flip other small animals out of the water. They also enjoy swimming alongside humans and dogs.

The dolphin swims up and gives you a nudge with its beak. It's time to play. Yes, life can be serious but most of the time we take it far too seriously. Life should not be a grave affair. So it's time to lighten up and have some fun. Dolphin, a very intelligent creature, knows this already. Give yourself permission to smile, laugh, be entertained, be entertaining, have fun, and drown stuffy attitudes. Your body-mind-spirit will thank you.

QUESTION: How can you be more playful?

AFFIRMATION: I'm naturally playful.

Heal the Mind Body and Spirit

June 18th 2018

Healing is very important to well being and balance. Our body, mind and spirit all need nourished in beneficial and unique ways to each of us. Heal the body with play, movement and active notions such as dance. Heal the mind with laughter, positive thinking and stimulating experiences. Finally heal the spirit with joy, passion and most of all what puts a smile on your face and the warmth in your heart! LIfe is too short to live with what if's and it is too big to sit by and watch go by without action or involvement. Gain the balance you need, the courage to get you to the next chapter and the healing along the way to obtain the most out of life experiences. Challenge yourself and enjoy life! #healingpower #lookwithin #liveoutsideyoursenses #enjoytheride #balance #mindbodyspirit #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 18th 2018

June 18th 2018


Caribbean Meditation guides you to practice guided meditation. No matter where you sit, you can travel anywhere in your mind. Meditation takes you to a deeper place where you can sense the sights, scents, sounds and "experience" being in another place, like a lucid dream. Helping another person, through reading a guided meditation, will bring healing to both of you as you help each other.


Warm tropical breezes come scented with the salty brine of the ocean and perfume of flamboyant flowers from the trees. This combination of fragrances is at once intoxicating and deeply cleansing. The rhythm of the waves, lapping the beach, brings about a deep trance where time and space are no longer a consideration. This is the perfect tropical paradise.

The comfortable chaise lounge provides a wonderful resting place to be supported and cared for offering a moment's peace, a moment's comfort, a moment's grace.

Meditation can bring relaxation, comfort, and a respite from the real world. The location can be anywhere, just imagining it can take you there. Go where the experience is soothing and healing. Ask for help and support with releasing sorrow.

Tears can flow, release from sorrow comes in bits and fits, each time something is released, replace it with a joyful memory. <3

Card deck: Joy And Sorrow Oracle Cards by Roxi Sim Hermsen <3 


June 19th 2018

Be unique and authentic to your soul in order to have your true beauty shine. Embrace those in your tribe that are similar to you or have the same viewpoints but at the same time respect, honor and love others for the beauty of having their own opinions and viewpoints. Grow and learn by going beyond your senses and getting in tune with the world around you! Be in the here and now and embrace life for the beauty that it really is! #beautyway #livelaughlove #openyoursensestobeauty #seebeyonyourbubble #growfromothers #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the day June 19th 2018

June 19th 2018

<3 DOVE - PEACE <3

We often complain we live in an aggressive world. And many of us pray for peace. But do we always create peace in our own lives? Peace is not simply an intellectual concept or a geopolitical status quo. It is a state of being. If we were all able to bring peace into ourselves, our world would certainly be very different.

This is what the spirit of the Dove is suggesting at this time: bring peace into yourself. Slow down, relax, close your eyes and breathe regularly. Pause for a moment this stressful and frenetic modern life, and get back to now. Use any technique you like to stop this incessant chatter of the mind – yoga, meditation, a walk in nature... Now you are already more peaceful.

If you are currently experiencing conflict in your life, this card also invites you to choose a peaceful resolution. Because peace you create around you, and peace you achieve within yourself, are one and the same.

Message from the Dove: "Bring peace within yourself and it will spread through the world."

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards by Frédéric Calendini <3 

Fruitloops & Cheerios

June 20th 2018

Don't be afraid to stand out in the crowd and be different. Our life and soul journey is unique to each and every one of us. You will not accomplish what you desire by standing back and watching others live the life you have always wanted. Take action, be different, stand out and stay authentic to your unique path! #fruitloopsareawesome #cheeriosareboring #feedyoursoul #beunique #standout #shinebright #leadinsteadoffollow #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the day June 20th 2018

June 20th 2018

<3 Prayer Feather <3

Love is flowing to you and through you. No matter what an individual is saying or doing, love him or her anyway. Gather your inner forces; silently and secretly love deeply and fully, with every ounce of your being, even if someone isn't fulfilling your expectations. (It's easy to love people when they're acting wonderfully; the true challenge is to love them when they aren't.)

YOUR NATIVE SPIRIT WANTS YOU TO KNOW: Feathers in native cultures often represent a connection with the Creator. Birds often symbolize messengers between the two - leggeds (humans) and Spirit. This is your time to love and be loved. The love that you send out into the world comes back to you a hundredfold. There are times when the small concerns of everyday life need to drop away and be replaced by the majesty of your being......this is that time. Prayer feathers are decorated feathers that can be used for many purposes. In some traditions, prayers are placed into the feather ~ you can hold it to your heart or between your hands as you focus on your prayer ~ and then tied onto a bush so when the wind blows, it carries the prayers to the Creator. Another kind of prayer feather is a decorated feather or a decorated bundle of feathers that are used for smudging (sacred smoke) ceremonies. (The smoke is to cleanse the space as well as carry your prayers upward.)

THE JOURNEY: For a day, love each person you encounter. Imagine a golden ray of light from the center of your heart radiating to the center of the heart of that individual. Notice how great you feel by the end of the day. <3 #cardoftheday #prayerfeather #prayersfromthecreator #birdsasmessengers #windtocarryprayers #holisticfaith #loveeveryone #gatherinnerforces #goldenrayoflight #love #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Rid Your Insecurities For Possibilities! 

June 21st 2018

Take the time to do some soul searching. See what aspects of life are not helping you to move forward with confidence and work on changing them. Take the time to heal yourself from your past, learn from your experiences and embrace the possibilities of the future. You will never be able to move forward in a healthy manner or achieve your ultimate goal if you cling on to the chapters of your past. You lived the chapters, reread them for lessons but move on to the next with motivation, excitement and most of all free of expectations and courage for the future! <3 #timetoheal #innersoulwork #loveyourself #dontliveinthepast #embracethefuture #getpastinsecurities #couragetomoveforwardwithoutlookingback #crossthebridgeofpossibilities #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 21st 2018

June 21st 2018


To feel completely present in your body, connect with Mother Earth. Walk barefoot on the soil and draw on her beautiful energies.

If you feel like your head is spinning and you are not present in your own body, then you need grounding. Walk around barefoot on the earth, or stamp your feet on the ground, to bring yourself back! Call all of your energies back into your body, as you do, ask that spirit cleanse, clear and polarize them, to feel whole once more.

AFFIRMATION: I am fully present in my body. As I draw on the energies from Mother Earth, I am focused, centered and fully in the moment. I connect with the earth and care for the environment around me. <3

#cardoftheday #flormationsoraclecards #karennash #chakrahealing #basechakra #getbalanced #hereandnow #connectwithnature #naturewalk #positiveenergy #breatheinnature #openyoursensestonature #groundingprocess #groundyourself #walkbarefoot #stampyourfeetontheground #danceyourheartawayoutside #drawonmotherearthenergy #focused #centered #connectwithearth #carefortheenvironment #homesweethome #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Set Two Souls Free With Forgiveness

June 22nd 2018

Forgiveness~ the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Healing ~ the process of making or becoming healthy again. Freedom ~ the right to think, speak or act as one would like without limitations or any type of hindrance. As souls we crave freedom which can only come from forgiveness and healing. Take the steps that your soul needs in order to feel free; Forgive any situation, individual or experience that has cause you to hold in any unwanted energy. With forgiveness comes strength, courage, confidence and most of all freedom! #freedomfromforgivenessandhealing,#freedomforsouls,#flywithcourage, #Forgiveness # Healing #Becomingwhole #releaseunwantedenergy #dontholdgrudges #begentlewithyourself #onestepatatime, #holistichealing, #psychicmediumjenncrockett,

Card of the day June 22nd 2018

June 22nd 2018


Have the faith to take action, knowing that all perceived obstacles are only opportunities.........

"Obstacles will look large or small to you according to whether you are large or small. " ~ Orison Swett Marden

Identify and confront your fears. Take action and move forward. When you have absolute faith in your Creator and know that you have been created as an image of God, fear cannot exist. Become aware of the deepest convictions burning deeply in your heart. Take appropriate action to manifest these dreams into reality. These necessary actions are needed for the birth of your dreams. As you act powerfully, you will feel a constant flame of strength burning inside you. With each act of courage, the flame will grow brighter. Refuse to stand still or let anything stop you from taking the next step on your path. Leap and the net will appear ~ Just take the next step... NOW!


What am I afraid of?

What changes do I need to make in order to feel balanced?

What fears do I have around making changes?

What time in my life did I act braver than I ever dreamed I could?... What motivated to take action?... What did I gain from this?

How would my life look if I had the courage to make all necessary changes to live my dream?


I walk this journey with faith, strength and courage because I know that I am Spirit! <3

#cardoftheday #soulwisdomoraclecards #SundaraFawn #Courage #Havefaith #Takeaction #Obstaclesareopportunities #OrlsonSwettMarden #Confrontyourfears #Takeaction #Moveforward #Absolutefaith #Manifestdreamsintoreality #PassionandStrength #Leapintofaith #Balance #Motivation #Faith #Strength #Spirit #Psychicmediumjenncrockett

Play The Game!!!!

June 23rd 2018

Life has several moments where the unknown is presented often provoking stress, anxiety and fear; often times restricting us from our fullest potential. Embrace the emotions that are uncomfortable, get through them instead of avoiding, hiding or pushing them away and see the garden that blossoms because of it. Your roots will be planted steady into the ground and you not as easily be knocked over with the wind. Enjoy mother nature as you embrace change with courage and conquer fear! <3 #groundingyourself #feelyouremotions #soulwork #fearneverwins #embracechange #standwithcourage #conquerfear #dreamsontheothersideoffear #goforit #digyourrootsin #growyourgarden #blossomtoyourpotential #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 23rd 2018

June 23rd 2018

<3 CHEER UP <3

Live In The Moment.

Don't dwell on the past, as it cannot be changed. Why obsess about the future if anything beyond your control can happen at anytime? Become childlike again, as yesterday never mattered and tomorrow is another day. Do something spontaneous - expect nothing out of a situation, stop and smell the roses, bake a cake, or sit and watch the people walking by. Just live in the moment of today and enjoy what you are doing. Allow the universe and your angels to assist you effortlessly in this time of NOW. Listen to the angels sing, be still and just go with the flow. If you are feeling tired, exhausted or disheartened, just rest, do nothing and just nurture yourself to re-energise for tomorrow. Do what you need to cheer up!

MANTRA:I live for today, and I feel cheerful! <3

#cardoftheday #MysticalOracleCards #GayeGuthrie #Cheerup #Liveinthemoment #Hereandnow #Cantchangethepast #Outofyourcontrol #Noexpectationsorlimitations #smelltheroses #naturewalk #enjoythebreathlessmoments #livefortoday #onedayatatime #feelcheerful #minbodysoulrest #psychicmediumjenncrockett

If it scares you go for it!

June 24th 2018

To dream indicates that you are contemplating the possibility of doing something. You passion, dreams and soul journey will remain stale or stuck if you do not push yourself to learn and experience aspects outside of your comfort zone. Heal in order to find the courage, take the courage in order to challenge yourself and challenge yourself in order to make your dreams come true and your soul fly! <3 #ouruniquesouljourney #dontlimityourself #norestrictions #trysomethingnew #goafterwhatyouwant #youonlyliveonce #makeyourdreamscometrue #beactiveinyourgoals #livelaughlove #trustyourintuition #takerisks #havecourageandbekind #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Base or Root Chakra

June 25th 2018

Your Root or Base Chakra is known as the foundation in which supports all of you. The Sanskrit name Mula (root) and Adhara (support base) describes it best; the root or the spiritual spinning energy wheel that sits at the base of our spine. Individuals often time feel anxious, out of place, lost, confused, frustrated and as if they can be "set off" at any moment. Work on clearing, healing and rejuvenating this chakra and you will gain back the trust in others, you will feel safe, secure, centered and most of all grounded! To book a healing, clearing or cleanse check out my website.


I am one with all that is. I am rooted firmly in the power of the earth. This connection is my foundation and from it, I draw security and stability. I am allowing the power of the universe to flow through me readily. I have control of anxiety, my mind and I draw the truth, confidence and strength from the roots of the earth. I move with confidence in the essence of my purpose and with a deep spiritual alignment to all that I am.... and so it is! <3

#rootorbasechakra #sturdyfoundation #muladhara #spiritualspinningenergywheel #baseofthespine #red #blood #skeleton #leg, #foot #teeth #vertebraecolumn #bone #anger #anxiety #cold #obesity #nonmotivation #feelingstuck #lostandconfused #essentialoilhelp #cedarwood #frakincence #myrrth #angelicaroot #healthyfoods #carrots #orages #potatoes #onions #nuts #cyrstalhealing #garnet #boodstone #redagate #ruby #redcarnelian #redjasper #obsidian #blacktourmaline #reikihealing #advancereikimasterteacher #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 25th 2018

June 25th 2018


Together, Joy and Sorrow guide you on your journey through grief, loss and sorrow. They offer you support to release tears of sadness and pain, and encouragement to allow your heart to heal and rise to new heights. The depth of your sorrow is equal to the heights of your joys. Share the load, find someone to express your feeling. Sorrows will lessen and joys will increase.


The Forest of Joy and Sorrow is a place of connection between the earth and the realm of spirit. The River of Life flows past and the Winds of Change spiral around. On one side, Joy is depicted, the day is bright and the sun shines. On the other, Sorrow is depicted, the night is dark, the moon shimmers. In the middle is a heart, broken by sorrows, held together by love.

The Elixir of Unconditional Love, the essence of spirit, leaks out of the cracks, adding healing energy to the waters below. The blossoms, those lost too young, and the brown leaves, those that have lived long, fall together into the swirling waters, adding their energies into the mix. The roots of the trees draw the healing waters up to the branches, thus is the cycle of life.

You are here to heal your Sorrow, the Sorrow that is equal in depth to the Love and Joy you had for the one you grieve. Joy shared is doubled, while Sorrow shared is halved. Share your Sorrow, share your Joy. <3

#cardoftheday #joyandsorroworaclecards #RoxiSimHermsen #joyandsorrow #shareyoursorrow #shareyourjoy #embraceyourexperiences #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Sacral Chakra

June 26th 2018

Your Sacral Chakra is known as the center of enjoyment, pleasure and creativity. It is the second chakra and is the center for emotions, reproduction and creative energies. For those struggling with fertility issues or unable to maintain emotional stability within yourself or in relationships pm or connect me via my website for a chakra healing, cleanse or clearing.

<3 Sacral Chakra Meditation <3

I acknowledge and honor my uniqueness. I am a unique manifestation of divine energy in physical form. I acknowledge the physical aspects, the sensuality and emotions associated with my soul journey. I am a powerful and creative being. I attract only whole and nurturing relationship in my life that will allow me to maintain a balance in the divine universe. I accept how powerful, courageous and wonderful I am..... and so it is.

#sacralchakra #svadhishthana #lowerabdomen #orange #creativeoutput #emotionalbalance #fertilityfreedom #embraceyourwillpower #trustthatyouareenough #beatpeace #feelwithoutfear #essentialoils #foodstoaid #crystalhealing #reikihealing #advancedreikimasterteacher #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 26th 2018

June 26th 2018


This is your time to reach for the sky! Expansive energy, vitality, health, healing, and passion - these qualities are expanding in your life. The sky's the limit. You are a healer and a channel for the life force of the Universe. Your ability to sense energy field is increasing dramatically. Be prepared to soar to new heights.

YOUR NATIVE SPIRIT WANTS YOU TO KNOW: When the Grandfather Sky card crosses your path you're entering into an expansive cycle. Do not hold back and repress what you feel; your body and spirit will become drained. If you strive to meet everyone's expectations, but forget to honor your own needs, your energy field becomes dull. If you allow your emotions and needs the freedom to be spontaneously expressed, waves of incredible energy will expand inside of you. Running on yoru own resources, it's easy to become drained; however, letting the divine light of the Creator flow through you easily replenishes your soul.

THE JOURNEY: To deepen your connection to Grandfather Sky and bring an expansive energy into your life, stand outdoors with your arms reaching up to the sky. One of the fastest ways to bring joy and bounty into your life is through gratitude. Allow thankfulness to surge through you up into the heavens!

#cardoftheday #grandfathersky #nativespiritoraclecards #DeniseLinn #reachforthesky #expansiveenergy #expansivevitality #expansivehealth #expansivehealing #expansivepassion #skysthelimit #bepreparedtosoar #donotholdback #spontaneouslyexpressyouremotionsandneeds #letthedivinelightflowthroughyou #standoutdoorswitharmswideopen #beopentoreceive #gratitude #thankfulness #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Solar Plexus Chakra

June 27th 2018

The Solar Plexus Chakra that is located just above the naval is the central location for self worth, belief and personal power! Individuals that struggle from a weak or blocked solar plexus tend to feel shy, lack confidence and struggle with being strong in their own power. This chakra is easy to get blocked due to lack of affection, judgement of others, increasing frustrations and stress on the mind causing overthinking and experiencing disappointments in life. Individuals that have a clear and strong solar plexus energy spinning wheel feel powerful, strong and willing to share their experiences whether good or bad in order to continue to grow their own ego and help others whose ego's may be wounded. In order to schedule a healing to increase your confidence, embrace your power and gain your courage check out my website to book today!

<3 Solar Plexus Meditation <3

I love and accept myself. I am willing to stand in my power and give into my strength and confidence in which I hold high on my shoulders and stand tall in my shadow. I have the freedom to make my own choices in life with the appreciation of my sense of self power and confidence. I am connected to the source of all power and it flows through me to encourage the power of others!

#solarplexuschakra #manipura #selfworth #selfbelief #willpower #personalpower #standinyourpower #getridofyourshell #stepoutofyourcomfortzone #embraceyourcourage #roarlikealion #lightworkersunited #embraceegos #acceptyoursef #connectedtothesource #yellow #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 27th 2018

June 27th 2018


You are learning to embrace and trust your inner knowing.

Intuition can take on many different forms. It is a natural way of being. There is nothing "woo woo" about it. Many of us have been conditioned to tune out our intuitive abilities so we can fit in or blend in with our environment. This card is showing you that one of your strengths is your ability to know what you know, and not know how you know it. When you know something that you can't explain, trust that. That is your inner voice showing you the truth. When we learn to live life from an intuitive perspective, our decisions and choices will change. We will be guided to do things that are for our highest good, and we will immediately know who to trust or who not to trust. The more you listen, and act on your intuition, the louder it gets. What is your intuition trying to tell you today? Sit down and ask, what do I need to know today? Listen gently and pay attention to how you feel. We all get intuitive messages in different ways. Sometimes it shows up as a feeling or, other times, it shows up as a knowing. Often you can just act without overly thinking. One of your strengths is your intuitive abilities. When you begin to honor this, and own it, it will get even louder. You are being asked to trust your intuition. What do you know that you know, that you don't know how you know? <3

#cardoftheday #intuitivelifecoachingoraclecards #KellyTSmith #intuition #abilitytoknow #innervoicefortruth #divineguidance #themoreyoupracticethestrongeritgets #trustyourself #trustyoursenses #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Heart Chakra

June 28th 2018

The heart chakra is the center for awareness, compassion, transformation, love and beauty. Anahata means to be unstruck, unbeaten and unhurt! Individuals with a open heart chakra has emotional stability, joy, generosity, unselfish love and compassion. Individuals may feel being deeply connected with aspects around them, the harmonious exchange of energy with all that is around them creates a balanced exchange and a healthy mood/vibration life, and there is a deeper appreciation of beauty in life in general. However, when there is a blockage in the heart chakra, an individual may experience difficulties in relating with others, expressing their emotions in a heartfelt way, difficulties healing from or letting go of experiences or expectations of the past and issues with getting stuck in stages of grief. They tend to have emotional instability such as excessive jealousy, codependency, or being closed down, withdrawn. If this sounds like you contact me via pm or website for a healing or clearing!

<3 Heart Chakra Meditation <3

I forgive myself and others as I embrace the experiences that has been placed on my path thus far. My spirit is wild and free like the wind. My heart is free of unnecessary burdens as I am grateful for all that has been, is now and will be! I feel compassion and empathy as I connect my spiritual love with that of others. I have the willingness and ability to let go, heal and rejoice so that others will be able to shine with the light through me! I courageously and unconditionally give and receive love! And so it is..........

#heartchakra #anahata #emotional stability #letgoofthepast #dontholdontoexpectationsorgrudges #allowyourselftogrieve #balanceforemotionalhealth #knowwhenyouneedtohelpyourselfbeforeothers #loveothers #deepappreciationforlifeandbeauty #joy #generosity #unselfishlove #compassion #connectedtothesource #harmoniousexchangeofenergy #healthyvibration #green #letgoofjealousy #letdownyourwalls #livelaughlove #hope #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 28th 2018

June 28th 2018



This is the perfect time to harness the field of vast potential not yet realized in your life. Great abundance is yours if you’re willing to do the work alongside the Gentle Gardener.

Be clear about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Concentrate on your best life regardless of the temporary outer conditions imposed upon you by the greater world, which has its own story to tell. You have a basket full of seeds that are quite powerful, for your talents are Divinely inspired and will indeed lead to a great harvest to be shared with others.

You will reap what you have sown. Dream big, dream beautiful, take action, and tend to the garden of your life . . . and experience the extraordinary. <3

#cardoftheday #theenchantedmap #ColetteBaronReid #fieldofdreams #purepotential #beclearonthoughtsfeelingsandbeliefs #concentrate #reapwhatyouhavesown #dreambigandbeautiful #takeaction #tendthegarden #experiencethemagic #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Throat Chakra 

June 29th 2018

The throat chakra is located at the neck location in the throat area. Vishudda meaning pure or purification; the divine principle of authentic communication and expression is what the throat chakra is most known for! Individuals with a open or balanced throat chakra has no issues with expressing or communicating their thoughts, they are aware of their purpose in life and work to make sure that it will happen. They will listen with all of their heart and stand up for themselves as well as others. Individuals that suffer from an imbalance, blocked or closed throat chakra have difficulties expressing themselves, they have difficulties listening to others and have a fear of speaking. Individuals may not be able to keep true to their word or if closed off may end up with excessive shyness and inability to open up. Finally, Individuals may experience a lack of connection with the universe or spiritual world or divine purpose. If this sounds like you contact me today for a healing, clearing or balance!

<3 Throat Chakra Meditation <3

I allow myself the ability to be still and to listen with my whole self to the world around me. Before I speak, I will honor my courage, strength and uniqueness. When I do speak I do not back away from what is authentic, true or needing to be expressed. I share love and respect which allows me to communicate effectively with other individuals. I express myself fully, creatively and with strength, courage and honor! The divine timing of my words and messages will be delivered with grace and understanding. I will be able to express myself for my highest good.... as so it is!

#throatchakra #vishudda #selfexpression #communication #clearpurposeinlife #knowingyourway #nofear #beauthenticinspeech #trustyourself #allowyourselftobeexpressed #dontholditin #helpothersforyourhighestgood #befreeandunique #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day June 29th 2018

June 29th 2018

<3 WATER <3


Water symbolizes purification, regeneration, birth, revival, and cleansing. It signifies an evolutionary shift from former self to new self. Many myths around the world speak of a “great flood” and the new life that is revealed after a deluge. Water begins without boundaries. Then, as soon as form has separated itself from water, it comes under the laws of time and life, thus acquiring limitations.


When Water arrives, you’re invited to watch your emotions; know they are going to be changeable, and do not settle on a conclusion at this time. If you feel joy, feel that fully; if you feel sad, allow sadness to move through you. Water invites you to see the ebb and flow of events and trust you can ride the wave of opportunity when it arises. Natural flow is here. Go with it.


This is a time for cleansing unwanted energy and sticky feelings. Consider this: what water does to the flesh, it does in sacred ritual to the spirit. The spiritual cleansing, like baptism, is the opportunity to get an instantaneous experience of the timeless, non ordinary reality in which all true creation takes place. Now is also a time that is pregnant with potential for you. Carl Jung talked about the maternal, womb like significance of water as a universal symbol. Water represents the potentiality of existence. It precedes and sustains every creation. Emergence from it is manifestation; immersion in it is dissolution of form. Because of this, it symbolizes regeneration. Make way for the process. You can expect it to be messy but worth it. <3

#cardoftheday #mysticalshamanoraclecards #ColetteBaronReid #Water #purification #regeneration #birth #revival #cleansing #evolutionaryshifttonewself #greatflood #watchyouremotions #donotsettleorjumptoconclusions #feelfully #ridethewaveofopportunity #naturalflow #gowithit #cleaseunwantedenergyorstickyfeelings #carljung #pregnantwithpotential #makewayforprocess #messybutbeautiful #beautifuldisaster #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Third Eye or Brow Chakra

June 30th 2018

The third eye chakra or the brow chakra is the central location for spirituality, intuition, wisdom, common sense, dreams and intelligence. Individuals that are experiencing a balanced or open third eye chakra have wonderful intuition, their clairvoyance and clairaudience are enhanced, they tend to have a connection to great wisdom and insight along with no issues of memory. Individuals that are balanced with experienced more of a creative motivation and feel driven by spirit on their divine soul purpose. Individuals that are struggling with a closed off, imbalanced or blocked third eye chakra suffer from the ability to retain information, they are judgmental; either shut down emotionally or the opposite where they can be overly empathetic without control over themselves promoting fear, anxiety and paranoia. Individuals with imbalances suffer from insomnia, nightmares, can't see the big picture and feelings of being stuck or "not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel." If this sounds like you contact me via pm or website to book a healing, clearing or cleanse today!

<3 Third Eye Chakra Meditation <3

I am aware that my intuition is my ability to know, sense and recognize all that I need to enjoy a happy, healthy and balanced life for myself. My spiritual vision is clear. My path is lit with my intuition and the help of my spiritual helpers and divine guidance. I am calm and clear. I envision a world of peace and beauty and will do my role as needed. I see light in others and will respond in a humble and respectful manner to my own energy as well as others around me. I trust my intuition and my higher self to heal and give me the strength to see with all of my senses.... and so it is!

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Card of the Day June 30th 2018

June 30th 2018


Honor your natural sensitivity by walking away from harsh energy.

Harsh energy surrounds you at this time, but don't worry, it may not be your fault. Whether it be from cell phones or computers or from a negative colleague at work, it is time to clear away this energy. You deserve to feel good and with that knowingness, you must "unplug" from this situation and walk away. You can literally take a walk, turn off the power to your devices, or give yourself some space to help this situation.


Find your inner light and let it shine in the darkness

Turn off technology

Get outside

Cut your cords from those who are draining you

Take time for yourself

Shield your energy

You are taking things too personally

Set clear boundaries

CRYSTALS: jet, smokey quartz, black tourmaline, and black onyx <3

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Card of the Day July 1st 2018

July 1st 2018


Wisdom is blossoming. Even if there are unsettling situations in your life, there's a reason for it, and much good will occur as a result. Your ancestors are sending you incredible support to fulfill your dreams. Be aware of the coincidences, signs and synchronicities around you; watch for messages from your forebears. No matter what's occurring on the surface of your life, your prayers are being answered in mysterious ways beyond your awareness.

YOUR NATIVE SPIRIT WANTS YOU TO KNOW: There's wisdom that dwells deep within your cells that's a spiritual bequest form your ancestors. This wisdom has come not only from your forebears' joyous, carefree times; it has also bloomed from their failures, deflated dreams, and seemingly wrong turns in life. Part of their message to you is to cherish every experience, for all of it will deepen your wisdom, compassion and understanding, as it did theirs. Also, know that there's an innate wisdom within you......always. It's simply a matter of turning within in order to access it. Native people always call on their ancestors for support - to ask for their help is to walk the native path. Sometimes you may be so focuses on what's outside you that you forget that wisdom is available to you from the spirit of your ancestors. Be willing to ask, for they want to support you.

THE JOURNEY: Imagine that you're traveling back in time to communicate and connect with a gathering of your ancestors. On this meditation journey, there might be one or two particular forebears who seem to reach out to you. (At different times in your life, different predecessors will be sending you support.) Give thanks for their support. The more gratitude you have for their help, the more they send you blessings and guidance. <3

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Crown Chakra

July 1st 2018

The crown chakra is located at the very top and center of your head. This prime location is the center for spirituality. This amazing chakra is the key to understanding ourselves and others far beyond what the human experience can give to us. Individuals with a balanced, open or clear crown chakra experiences a connection with others in which they can hold insight and knowledge that are far above their understanding. They feel connected, balanced spiritually and working towards their higher good or divine purpose. These balanced individuals are happy, excited, conscious and aware. Individuals that struggle with a blockage, closed or imbalance in their crown chakra suffer from depression, feeling as if they are lost and confused spiritually, they may feel disconnected from their being in general and an excessive fear, anger or withdraw when it comes to deep connections. If this sounds like you today then make sure you pm or contact me via website to set up a cleanse or a healing!

<3 Crown Chakra Meditation <3

I accept my responsibility in the divine world. I trust myself and my higher team to aid in helping me to make decisions that are balanced and that support my spiritual growth. I am receptive to the spiritual connection of the divine energy. I allow myself to sit in silence in order to bring peace to my inner being. As I am silent I allow myself to be receptive to sitting in the power and receiving divine guidance in which I will trust wholeheartedly. I am smart, constantly growing and open to new experiences..... And so it is! <3

#crownchakra #topandcenterofhead #hubofspirituality #deepunderstandingofthesoul #insightandknowledge #connectedandbalanced #workingforthehighergood #seeingoutsideofthebox #happy #excited #conscious #aware #acceptresponsibility #trustthehigherteam #spirituallyguided #divineenergy #connecttothesource #bereceptive #sitinthepower #smart #constantlygrowing #opentonew #soitis #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Take the Step

July 2nd 2018

When it comes to achieving your goals or obtaining the things your soul deepest desires, it all starts with just one step! Have the faith, courage and excitement/motivation to jump and soar to your fullest potential. Live the life you want to live and enjoy the road along the way! The scariest part is taking the step and not knowing what the outcome is going to be; so keep in mind that everything you have always wanted is on the other side of fear!

#justdoit #takethestep #havefaith #havecourage #movewithexcitement #havemotivationtoachieve #takethestepstobehappy #leavethepastbehind #liveinthemoment #embracethefuture #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day July 2nd 2018

July 2nd 2018


"As your heart heals of old emotional pain, you receive new blessings and love."

This card signifies that you are healing some old emotional pain ~ the first thing that comes to mind is exactly the issue you are resolving. As you let go of anger, guilt, or other emotional wounds, you awaken a new level of power within yourself that attracts everything you desire....and more. Call upon the fairies, as well as supportive people or professionals, to help you through this time of healing. Know that you are lovable and that you deserve a happy heart. <3


The situation you are asking about has an emotional basis!

Physical healing occurs as a result of emotional healing!

You are preparing for a new love by healing old hurt from a previous partnership!

Consult with a professional counselor or join a support group!

Journal about your feelings!

This situation is bringing about tremendous personal growth!

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Self Worth

July 3rd 2018

One's self respect or the confidence that one has in their own abilities, intuition or self in general is known as self esteem or your self - worth. Knowing you are worthy and that your energy should only be spent on aspects that are beneficial for your highest good is a key to self - worth. Create boundaries, declutter, clear your space and live with an increased confidence in all that is! Know your self- worth and embrace it! <3

#selfworth #selfrespect #confidenceinyourself #knowyouareworthy #knowyourlimits #createhealthyboundaries #declutterandclearyourspace #embraceyourpower #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day July 3rd 2018

July 3rd 2018


Archangel Haniel: "Your're extra sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Honor yourself and your feelings."

Sensitivity is a beautiful and powerful gift, and there is no such thing as being 'too sensitive'. Your sensitivity helps you know the truth about situations and people, and it is important for you to trust and follow these hunches, intuitions and impressions. Spend some time alone in nature to further develop your sensitivity. Avoid harsh situations and chemicals. At home or at work, ask Archangel Haniel to help you choose life-affirming foods, beverages, companions, and activities. Know that it is safe for you to feel deep emotions, as they are a part of your sensitivity. Visualize you and Haniel sealed in a beautiful bluish-whit light. This light dissolves any lower energies, transmuting them into love. The light also helps you distinguish between your own feelings and those of other people


Haniel helps us honor our natural cycles, moods, and rhythms. She assists us in embracing all aspects of ourselves, including our strengths, setbacks, and shadows. Call upon her if you ever feel unsure, or bad about yourself. Haniel will help you appreciate yourself and see how beautiful you are right now. <3

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Card of the Day July 4th 2018

July 4th 2018

 <3 BLESSED <3


The Oracle’s message: There are moments in life when, out of the blue, it seems that everything has been orchestrated by Divine intervention. You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express. It’s as if the Red Sea parts in front of you and events come together to banish your troubles easily and naturally. You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are. This is one of those times. Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.

Relationship message: You are moving toward a deepening of intimacy in a unique and sacred partnership. You know you are meant to make this connection. This union, blessed by the Divine, will bring transformation and beauty to the world. This is also a sign that, even more important, you’re being called to a deeper intimacy with yourself and Spirit. With this new development, you will see evidence of grace in your life.

Prosperity message: Unexpected windfalls and good fortune come your way now. You’re in a phase where any difficulties or obstacles that have stymied your success seem to disappear on their own. Be ready to receive. The windows of opportunity will open wide. Accept the blessings given to you now, and don’t forget to share them. <3

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Card of the Day July 5th 2018

July 5th 2018



When the High Lady of Love and Compassion chooses to be your Ally, she brings you a deep and meaningful message: she reminds you that only Love is real. It is the sole unconditional and true power behind all means of manifesting out of the unseen into the material.

Love's greatest creative power is ignited by the conscious action of compassion. Generosity of the heart, reverence, respect, and empathy for all living things bring you profound power to live a life of happiness and contentment. Love, compassion, and kindness to all must be the impulse behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions when your intention is to create a prosperous and abundant life. Unconditional Love will be returned tenfold.

The High Lady also reminds you that when she chooses to be your Ally, she brings you evidence that you're loved. All manner of synchronicities align in your favor.

If your question refers to a relationship, you're required to think of the other person and inquire what is in his or her highest good. Give selflessly without asking for or expecting anything in return, and let go. What is yours will come to you. Kindness always returns somehow. You will surely receive that which you give in more ways than you can imagine. <3

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Card of the Day July 6th 2018

July 6th 2018


You can be anything you desire. Let go of attachment to your identity. See the world around you with new eyes. Be malleable. Experiment with different ways of viewing reality. see the point of view of others. if you haven't been able to manifest your dreams, maybe you need to shift the way you see the person or situation.

YOUR NATIVE SPIRIT WANTS YOU TO KNOW: In earth ~ based cultures, shape ~ shifters had the mystical ability to transform into other forms of consciousness. It's said that these beings were not imagining that they were changing into a specific animal, plant or stone; they could actually morph into another shape. Just because most people today don't think this is possible doesn't mean that it's not true. This card chose you because it want you to know that your past does not need to equal your future. Simply shifting your point of view or your belief system can bring an entirely new destiny into being.

THE JOURNEY: To deepen your ability to shape ~ shift, simply imagine that you're an animal, bird, plant, or stone. Make it as real as you can. Doing this deepens your ability to shift your beliefs and limiting decisions that perhaps have held you back from fulfilling your highest destiny. <3

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Creativity Takes Courage

July 7th 2018

When it comes to achieving the things that we want you have to be willing to take steps outside of your comfort zone! Step outside of the feeling of fear and embrace what was meant to be yours all along! Dare to be creative! Dare to embrace your courage and roar! <3

#creativitytakescourage #HenriMatisse #stepoutisideofyourcomfortzone #dontletfearholdyouback #whatismeanttobewillbeyours #embracedestiny #trustthedivineplan #daretobecreative #daretoembracecourage #roar #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day July 7th 2018

July 7th 2018



Independence is key now as you step into your journey today. Others may not have the vision or resources that you need. Recognize that all the wisdom you’ve acquired along the way makes you particularly competent, capable of moving forward with assurance. Self-reliance is important.

Another aspect to consider is creating and maintaining clear boundaries between you and another. Be discerning about your partnerships at this time. When you know who you are, and have a healthy sense of where you end and others begin, you’re able to enter into the best kind of relationships and will attract people who mirror back your wholeness. Interdependent relationships are always mutually supportive, stimulating, and transformative. You can achieve anything at this time. 

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Card of the Day July 8th 2018

July 8th 2018


Know and understand what is happening in your created world..

"My earthly experiences serve as a process of destruction of my limiting mortal delusions. In God even the most "impossible" dreams are realized." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Stop, take a moment and breathe deeply. Begin to fill yourself with the breath of silence. Allow your body to melt into the Universe. You are grounded, mindful and fully present. You feel Spirit occupying every cell of your being.

You observe the world around you with a watchful, open heart. You are consciously aware that your thoughts create everything you experience. You are seeing through the eyes of God.

Pause and take note of the life you have uniquely created. There is no space for judgment. You accept everything in your life because you know it's all perfect.

You witness every earthly experience as an opportunity to remember your Divine essence. You welcome whatever comes your way because you are in tune with your Great Creator. You deeply trust life because you know that everything is happening in harmony with nature.

Your thoughts are in alignment with truth as you live a completely authentic life. You have burned away the past and now you are free to spread your wings and soar!


Am I completely authentic?

Am I living in the present moment?

Can I love and embrace the perfection of my life exactly as it appears in this moment?


I am aware that I am Spirit.

#cardoftheday #soulwisdomoraclecards #SundaraFawn #Awareness #theimpossibleisalwayspossible #ParamahansaYogananda #breathdeeply #meltintotheuniverse #staygrounded #staymindful #hereandnow #deeplytrust #manifestingthoughts #areyouauthentic #areyoulivinginthepresentmoment #youarespirit #youarealive #psychicmediumjenncrockett

People Can Change The World

July 9th 2018

Having a vision, a dream and a drive to make things happen is all that it takes in order to accomplish amazing things! Have an imagination but don't be afraid to take the steps and the action to get the goal and the desire achieved. Believe in yourself and divine guidance to know that things will work out the way they need to! Embrace the divine plan and enjoy the process along the way! <3

#haveavision #takeasteptowardsagoal #followyourdreams #justdoit #takethetime #accomplishamazingthings #haveimagination #dontbeafraidtotakethestps #achieveyourdreams #manifestyourdesires #embracethedivineplan #enjoytheprocess #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the day July 9th 2018

July 9th 2018

<3 CONNECT WITH YOUR ANGELS (Archangel Haniel) <3

Your guides and angels are with you and can help you with your current situation. Although you may sometimes feel lonely, you're never alone in navigating your path through life on Earth. Your guardian angels and spirit guides are always with you, and they are ready and willing to help.

Consciously invite these powerful spiritual beings into your meditation space and they will help you to further strengthen your connection. This card is a sign that yes, you have guides and angels who are with you, and who can definitely help you with your current situation, but they will not interfere in your life without your permission. Remember to ask for angelic assistance. Think or say "I now call upon my highest, best, most loving guides and angels to come in and surround me. Assist me in raising my vibration so that I may clearly see, hear, sense and know your love, guidance and assistance in my life. Help me with my current situation, help me to align with my highest and greatest good, and help me to know that I am safe, loved, and protected. Thank you."

Crystal to connect with Archangel Haniel: Moonstone <3

#cardoftheday #askangelsoraclecards #MelanieBeckler #archangelhaniel #connectwithyourangels #youareneveralone #guidesarewillingtohelp #furtherstrengthenyourconnection #raiseyourvibration #staysafelovedandprotected #crystalmoonstone

Don't cry because it is over 

July 9th 2018

Grief is one of the hardest emotions that we will have to experience. It is important to be gentle with your soul, allow yourself to feel and learn from the difficult aspects that come across our path. Don't cry as it takes less muscles, effort and energy to smile. Manifest positivity and embrace the difficult times!Enjoy the moment that situations occur as they add to your life vocabulary! <3

#Griefisnotmeanttobeeasy #feelallofyoursenses #dontlimityourself #healinhealthywaysforyoursould #embracelifeexpeirences #smilemorecryless #rememberpasttimeswithgrace #behumbleandkind #enjoythemoment #openyourworldtonewexperience #embraceyoursoulpath #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day July 15th 2018

July 15th 2018


Radiant beauty surrounds you. You're beautiful, inside and out. No matter what your age, your grace is growing. Being in balance. As you walk in beauty and feel gratitude for it, your life will be filled with immense splendor. Whenever you can, spend time in natural, wild spaces. As you see and hear and feel beauty around you, your own beauty will grow.

YOUR NATIVE SPIRIT WANTS YOU TO KNOW: In Native American traditions, there's the concept of walking in beauty. It's called "hozho naasha" in the Navajo/Dineh tradition, and it means being in balance with a natural way of life. When we are in the "right relationship" with the natural world around us, we are walking in beauty. The more you sense and see beauty around you - in your environment, yourself, and your body - the more it will fill your life, in all forms. Never say anything about yourself or your body that's negative. Don't put down yourself or others. Instead, affirm beauty, and take time to adorn your body and personal space. Walk in nature and inhale the beauty of every part of our wonderful planet. Cherish yourself and the luminescence within you, and you will glow.

THE JOURNEY: Create outer harmony in your home environment, even in small ways ~ such as a vase of flowers, a scented candle, or clean windows ~ and your inner grace and radiance will begin to shine even more brightly. Wherever you go, look for beauty in your surroundings, and as a result, the world will become more beautiful! <3

#cardoftheday #nativespiritoraclecards #deniselinn #walkinginbeauty #youarebeautifulandradiant #beautyinsideandout #growinggrace #beinbalance #feelgratitudeforbeautyaroundyou #naturalwildspaces #hozhonaasha #navajodinehtradition #naturalwayoflife #rightrelationship #liftothersup #positivevibes #honoryourspace #createharmony #beautyway #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Be Responsible for your Karma

July 15th 2018

You can only be responsible for your own actions not that of other individuals. Keep in mind that you can't hold onto others' energy and feel healthy, stable and at peace. Set healthy boundaries, react in humble ways and release any energy that doesn't serve you for the highest good! Take a breathe, close your eyes and imagine a big bubble of protection surrounding you! The more you do this the thicker the bubble of protection will become and the less the energy of others will be absorbed by you! If interested in holistic ways to clear your energy including essentials collections kits pm or checkout my website today!!!!!

#Karma #youareresponsibleforyouractions #donttrytocontrolothers #gowiththeflow #ridethetide #releaseuneantedenergy #beconsciousofyourhealth #dontletyourenergybedrained #clearyourenergy #groundandprotect #followyourownpath #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Let Fear Guide You

July 15th 2018

In order to be the best that you can or to reach for the stars, as you have been taught since you were a child, you need to be open to challenge your soul and soar along the way. Take risks and live life to the fullest as you never know what the next day will bring. You only live once so do those things that make your heart beat, your stomach flip and life for those moments that take your breath away! <3

#everythingyouwantisontheothersideoffear #takerisks #reachforthemoonandstars #trustyourself #stepoursideofyourcomfortzone #challengeyoursoal #soarliekaneagle #youonlyliveonce #heartbeat #stomachflip #breathtakingmoments #livelaughlove #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Imperfections are Perfect!

July 15th 2018

Stay true to your unique self. Don't let others words, thoughts or actions judge you or make you change in anyway. Our journey here on this earth and as our own soul's is meant to be unique and healthy to your own highest good. What works for others is not always going to work for you so make sure you have plenty of support, encouragement, tools and most of all confidence to open the next chapter of your life. Know that no matter what your spirit team is guiding you through your own unique journey and to the place of peace, happiness and the complete satisfaction! <3

#marilynmonroe #staytruetoyourself #embraceyoursouljourney #trustyourhigherselfandguides #takeaplungeonanunknownpath #dontbeafraidtobeuniuque #fruitloopsarebeautiful #cheeriosareboring #havesupportandencouragement #peacehappinessandsatisfaction #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day July 16th 2018

July 16th 2018


Queen Morgana rules over fair Avalon, Isle of the Blessed!

You may need a retreat from worldly affairs. You may meet a gracious and helpful person: a healer, a mentor. This could also indicate a renovation or gardening project that will feel like your "Sanctuary". Take a break right now. Breathe deeply. Contemplate the value of sanctuary in your life as you walk into this vision.

Sanctuary brings to mind a sense of peace, harmony and calm, inspiring restfulness and pleasure. How you create sanctuary is a matter of individuality and personal style. Whatever styles you choose must make you feel comfortable. Find your special place or experience, where you can withdraw for safety, comfort, peace, solace and regeneration of body, mind and spirit. Create a sacred space that provides silence, allowing you to heal yourself. You have the means to create your own heaven on earth. Sanctuary may be an outside location within your home or within your heart. <3

#cardoftheday #crystalwindoraclecards #AntonioDeLiberato #Avalon #Sanctuary #retreat #healing #mentoring #groundyourselfbygardening #takeabreak #breathedeeply #contemplateandact #walkintoaclearvision #senseofpeace #harmony #calmcreativeinspiration #createasacredspace #healyourself #heavenonearth #yourgetaway #mindbodyspiritbalance #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day July 17th 2018

July 17th 2018



The Oracle’s message: Most people see the world through a personal lens. They closely identify with their feelings and experiences— so much so that they come to believe that these are the only reality. There are times when you need distance in order to gain perspective and understand your circumstances from a more neutral vantage point. Now is one of those times in your life. This is a perfect moment for you to begin to do some exploring. Instead of only considering yourself, consider what you need to understand about the conditions, people, culture, and environment you’re engaged with now. You’ll be so happy you did. Illumination is the miracle you seek and will indeed find.

Relationship message: Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees in your way. Feelings can get all jumbled up, and often you hear one thing when a person says another. It can be like an echo of an unresolved past experience dubbed over your conversation. Take time out before you react. It’s likely the other person has no idea how his or her words have affected you. Take a few steps back and lend understanding to the situation. Have faith in your connection and trust that you can come together. Take to higher ground now and cultivate curiosity about what you observe in yourself, in others, and in the landscape. You will find things much improved sooner than you know.

Prosperity message: It is an advantageous time for you to get some distance from what you’re doing and see your work and your projects from a different perspective. The trick is to connect to the essence of your goals and aspirations while letting the form and timing be dictated by Spirit. You may be too personally attached to an outcome and unable to see the miracle because it’s not turning out exactly as you planned. Trust Spirit. The perfect version of your abundance is right in front of you. Remain neutral and curious, and watch the miracle unfold. <3

#Cardoftheday #Wisdomoftheoracle #ColetteBaronReid #Observer #Perspective #Objectivity #neutral #observationfromadistance #exploreandchallenge #takeafewstepsback #trustspirit #remainneutralandbalanced #watchmagichappen #psychicmediumjenncrockett

Card of the Day July 18th 2018

July 18th 2018



All paths lead to Spirit. What you bring to your journey is what will determine if yours is a path of suffering, a path of wisdom, a path of bliss, or a path of loss. Consider the traveler who met two stonemasons. He asks one what he is doing, and the mason replies, “I am squaring out this stone.” He asks the other, who is doing the exact same thing, and gets the reply, “I am building a cathedral.” One man has a job; the other man has found his work and calling. He is part of an endeavor much greater than himself. Be sure you pick a path with a heart.


Your call now is to take a big, bold step and leave the beaten path. Heaven and Earth are conspiring on your behalf to support you in this move. Do not dally lest you miss the moment! It’s time to sail into the uncharted. Be sure you attend to both your path through this earth, as well as your journey through the stars.


You have outgrown your current situation and risk losing your way in your own backyard. You are being called to step out of your comfort zone. Respond now, while the call is still a gentle whisper. Even though the woods look thick and impenetrable, venture in and let nature guide your steps through the dark until you reach your destination. Remember, if you do not know where you are going, any path will take you there.

Card of the Day July 19th 2018

July 19th 2018

<3 DREAMS <3

Visionary creations are birthed from your imagination..

"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blue prints of your ultimate achievements." ~ Napoleon Hill

Get in touch with your deepest dreams. Go within your heart and tap into your greatest desires, aspirations and goals.

Take an inward journey and feel what beckons from your heart. Observe the passion within you that yearns to come forth in some creative form. Give yourself permission to call forth all of your dreams as you smile inwardly. Dare to dream without any limitations. Dance and rejoice in what brings you joy — you deserve it! Believe with conviction that everything is your own creation. Create what you dream about and live the life you deserve. This is the joy your soul has longed for. Look upon this world as God's dream. You began as God's thought, created within the cosmic dream. Know that He is dreaming through you and only wishes for your happiness. You are dreaming this dream called "life." As the dreamer, you get to decide for yourself what dream experiences you create during your lifetime. Dream blissful dreams, my dear... and TRIUMPH! <3


How would it feel to live every moment of my life with excitement and enthusiasm?

Do I allow myself the permission to dream?

What are my dreams?

What were my dreams as a child?

How would it feel if I were living my dream?


I create my reality through my thoughts and dreams.

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Meet your guides exercise

July 20th 2018

Ever been interested in your higher team and wanting to know who helps to guide you in this current lifetime? Below is one exercise to open the door to seeing, hearing, feeling and understanding your guides. If you need more information I am offering aid for only $5.00! Pm or check out my website for more

Your Thinking

July 20th 2018

When it comes to your vibration, mood and having what you desire the first start of the process is your thinking and mindset. It is healthy to feel all of the emotions that surface and to understand why your thoughts may not always be positive but at the same time it is important that we are not hostages or victims to the past or even our own mind. Practice mindful thinking, keep your thoughts positive and allow your soul to heal the way that it needs to heal. If you need aid in depressive, anxiety or unhealthy/unbalanced thinking reach out via pm or my website!

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Card of the Day July 20th 2018

July 20th 2018


A young woman sits in quiet meditation, cross legged, at the edge of the River of Life. Her back is warmed by the radiating energy from the sun. A beautiful rainbow, the harbinger of hope, shimmers behind her. The verdant grass speaks to the fleeting nature of life, and the apples, ripe for the picking, scent the air with their sweet fragrance. She lovingly holds a sphere, painted like the Earth, in her lap as she would a child. The Earth's well being is the subject of her meditation.

Caring for the Earth is important to her, she dreams of fresh air, clean water, healthy fruits and food to eat. A bumble bee buzzes past, reminding her to look at things from different viewpoints. There are many solutions for the many problems the Earth faces. The butterfly, offers transformation reminding her that she too can transform. Wearing pearls of wisdom assist her meditation and her options become clearer. Like the dandelion, offering wishes come true, she puts positive thoughts out into the world. There are many ways to change the world. Become the change you wish to see.

Child Earth guides you to see the world in wonderment. Marvel at the balance in nature and be amazed at the interconnectedness of things. Like the butterfly, which goes through metamorphosis, you too can change. Like the bumblebee, which aerodynamically should not be able to fly, you can do the impossible too if you stay in wonderment with the design of nature. <3

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If you Stumble Dance! 

July 21st 2018

At times in life there will be moments where you do not feel that you are on top of the world. You may feel lost, not knowing which direction to go or feeling as if nothing you can do will go the right way. The only thing you can do is continue to put one foot in front of the other and breathe! Don't be afraid to ask your higher guides, the universe or those around you for help and if you feel that you have no support - look within yourself for love, direction and harmony! Embrace your creativity, imagination and find the balance you have been searching for! Stumble but don't fall instead create your own dance and shine in those dull moments of life! <3

#stumbleintograce #createyourowndance #dontbeashambedoffailure #experiencetheunknown #embraceyourexperiences #shineindullmoments #lightyourwaywithmotivation #danceyourwaythroughlife #takeitonestepatatime #psychicmediumjenncrockett #facebookpsychicmediumjenncrocketandintuitivecounselor #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day July 21st 2018

July 21st 2018


The Elephant is certainly a strong creature. But even bigger than its strength is its steadiness. Yes, the Elephant can charge and hit hard. But it overcomes obstacles thanks to its resoluteness and determination.

This is the message this spirit is delivering now: be determined and keep a steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. See it as a formidable force, which is unstoppable. Like an avalanche, no obstacle can resist it.

If you are facing a daunting challenge, even if you are tired, don't get discouraged. By going forward, one step at a time, you will go through it successfully. And you may even learn a thing or two in the process, as the Elephant is also a very wise being.

Message from the Elephant: "Keep a steady pace and don't give up. You will overcome any obstacle." <3

#cardoftheday #spiritanimaloraclecards #FrédéricCalendini #elephant #resoluteness #strongontheoutsideandinside #overcomeobstaclesbecauseyouarestrong #determinationtoachievegoalsandwellness #keepasteadyandcomfortablepace #beunstoppable #donotgetdiscouraged #whenyouaretirediswhenmagichappens #onestepatatime #educationinthejourney #psychicmediumjenncrockett #facebookjenncrockettpsychicmediumandintuitivecounselor #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day July 22nd 2018

July 22nd 2018


Sideways-walking crabs are omnivorous crustaceans. Their hard exoskeletons act as Armour and their claws weapons, keeping them well protected even against some of the fiercest predators.

The crab’s exoskeleton provides it with protection wherever it may scuttle. Plus it has a nifty pair of claws at its disposal should a predator get too close. The crab appears when it’s time to consider your own protection and to tighten up measures. Protection these days is not limited to making sure your house has a good lock or burglar alarm – there are insurance policies, online security issues, legal contracts, and even more if you run a business. There is also the matter of spiritual protection. Tighten up any vulnerabilities so you can feel more secure.

QUESTION: Where do you have a security leak?

AFFIRMATION: I am protected wherever I go. ❤

*Check out my page, website or pm me for protection techniques to guide you (what works for one person doesn’t work for the other so find that protection, guidance and grounding that will make you feel as if you are in control but yet guided by spirit 



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Card of the Day July 23rd 2018

July 23rd 2018


Giver Of Strength And Courage To Heal Your Life.

"He who is like God" Archangel Michael protects you physically, emotionally and spiritually. He carries with him the almighty sword of protection offering you courage, strength and readiness to serve in all ways. If you are facing a time in your life that seems impossible to heal and is causing you a lot of pain and suffering, call upon Michael to help empower you with the emotional tools to resolve these issues. You can pray and surrender your burden to Michael. Ask him to take care of it and bring it back to you resolved and healed. You may ask for protection while driving your car or travelling overseas. Whatever the reason, he is there for you with blessings and love.


Take a few minutes to yourself, light a white or blue candle and call upon Archangel Michael to aid in protection, comfort and guidance. Make sure that you call upon the angels or spirits in times when it feels that you just can't take anymore or for confirmation in general. Write down on a piece of paper in one column those things that you need/desire to have protection from and another column on how you can find comfort/ease and balance when facing such difficulties. Watch the solutions come to order and those that you can't control or find solutions to LET IT GO TO YOUR SPIRIT TEAM and Archangel Michael! Look for the color blue for confirmation that he is near, open your heart to receive and carry on with strength, confidence and authenticity! 

MANTRA:I am protected from all types of harm. 

#cardoftheday #MysticalOracleCards #GayeGuthrie #ArchangelMichael#Strength #Courage #Protection #physicalprotection #emotionalprotection#spiritualprotection #swordofprotection #calluponhimforstrength#knowyouarenotalone #travelprotection #steppingoutofboundariesprotection#loveprotection #guardyourlovewiththeangels #blue#youareguidedandwatchedover #carryonwithpower#psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1#instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day July 24th 2018

July 24th 2018


Everything is falling into place because you aren't resisting the drift of the great river of life. It's time to let go. You're entering a period of gracious ease and flow. All is unfolding perfectly and with good timing. When you're in a state of flow, you aren't pushing the river to go faster, and you aren't swimming against it. Let go of the shore and enjoy the ride.


Rivers have personalities and carry energy, just as animals and plants do. From the Maoris to the Australian Aborigines, and to other native cultures throughout the world, it's believed that it is important to listen to the smooth currents of life, it might mean that you are trying to control situations or that you are being self - critical or judgmental. The way to move into flow is through gratitude and appreciation, and by allowing others to support and help you. Heed the Native American saying: "it's best to ride the horse the direction that it is going." This means that when the card flowing river chooses you, you're being told to let go and go with the flow. If there is something or someone you need to forgive, this is the time. This is also the time to forgive yourself and just let go.


As you shower and the water flows over your body, imagine that everything is flowing in your life. Spend time next to a river or stream and watch the flowing waters; use it as a metaphor to let go and enter the flow. <3

#cardoftheday #NativeSpiritOracleCards #DeniseLinn #FlowingRiver #dontresistthenaturaldriftoflife #itistimetoletgo #dontswimagainstthecurrent #gowiththeflow #ridethetide #letgoofthebank #enjoytheride #nativespiritwantstoenlightenyou #Maoris #AustralianAborgines #nativecultures #gratitudeandappreciation #ridethehorsethewayitwantstoride #forgivenessiskey #showermeditation #river #stream #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day July 25th 2018

July 25th 2018

  The Hermit 

Archangel Raziel ~Spend time in quiet meditation, spiritual teaching and journey!

This card signals that you’d benefit from spending time alone, listening to your inner voice. Meditation is essential, as the path to enlightenment is an inner journey. Be silent and experience the joy that comes from seeking the truth of your own heart. Learn to feel comfortable in your own company. After all, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

This card also signifies spiritual teaching, so it can mean that you have wisdom to impart to others, or that perhaps it’s time for you to find a spiritual teacher. Sharing wisdom is part of your spiritual journey, especially right now.

*Additional meanings of this card: Good advice. Finding or becoming a mentor. Self-discovery. Reevaluation of plans. Going on a spiritual quest.

Archangel Raziel offers sage advice to spiritual seekers, including guidance about esoteric concepts, interpretation of your sleeping dreams, and past-life memories. Call upon Raziel to help you find the richness that comes from meditation and spending time alone in contemplation. <3

For more information on how to contact or work with the archangels contact me via pm or website


**If you have amethyst, Fluorite, Jasper, and Obsidian stones or Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Rosemary and Frankincense oils if you prefer prior to meditation.

Meditation and state an invocation thought, prayer or intention to call upon Archangel Raziel (he is one of the easiest to call upon and obtain guidance from!)

Archangel Raziel, please bless me with your wisdom and hidden treasures of the universe. Release me from any negative or distracting beliefs so I may clearly understand the information I receive and live with balance, love and harmony. Please open all my channels of communication so I may hear clearly, see clearly, feel clearly, and understand clearly. I would be honored to have you aid me at this time as my spiritual teacher, helping me enhance my psychic abilities and growth in spiritual development. I would be grateful if you came in to give me the tools to aid in stresses of the human experience in order for my soul to fly free without restrictions. Thank you, Raziel, for your gifts of and healing. And so it is ~ Amen. <3

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Card of the Day July 26th 2018

July 26th 2018

<3 LET GO <3

"As you surrender the need to control, your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires."

The fairies and the entire Universe understand your desire and needs, and they have been trying to bring them to you. You can help your prayers be answered by letting go of the need to control the details or know the future outcome of this situation. The more you can relax and trust, the faster everything will resolve in a positive fashion. The Universe's plans and standards for you exceed your own, so it is best to lean upon this Divine wisdom and allow it to unfold in a perfect way. If you need to, experiment with letting go ~ you can always take back control; however, the fairies are sure that you will like the results of releasing and will adopt it as a healthy new lifestyle. <3

<3 You have nothing to worry about, as everything is working out for the best!

<3 Maintain a positive outlook to attract a positive outcome!

<3 Spend time outdoors to reconnect with God or your higher power!

<3 Have faith!

<3 When learning a new skill, trust your body's innate abilities!

<3 Instead of over analyzing a situation, listen to your heart!

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Card of the Day July 29th 2018

July 29th 2018



Angels, divine helpers, the Ancient Ones, and all varieties of luminous beings populate the upper world. It is the place where you go to retrieve your destiny and find out who you will become, discover your great potentials and undreamt-of possibilities. It is also the place where the spirits of the dead arrive when they complete their journey to the light.


The upper world is calling you to step into your fully realized self. Clear distractions so that you can move into a higher destiny. Do not fall to the temptation to craft a slightly more improved version of yourself. What you perceive as a problem or an obstacle is in fact the irritation you need to take the great leap. Remember you cannot cross the Grand Canyon in two small jumps.


Ask your divine helpers for guidance. If the oracle has already spoken to you, do not ask for more guidance; take what has been offered. Now you must deal with the lethargy and idleness. While support for a new destiny is not yet in place, a new destination is available to you if you act now. <3

#cardoftheday #mysticalshamanoraclecards #colettebaronreid #upperworld #angels #divinehelpers #ancientones #luminousbeings #destiny #discoverpotentials #completeyourjourneytohappiness #stepintoyourrealizedself #clearoutdistractions #movetoyourhigherdestiny #donotfail #askforguidance #newdestinyifyouactnow #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 1st 2018

August 1st 2018


~ Honesty, Clarity, Discipline, Intellect ~

Your Higher Self is present, activating your powers of reason and intellect. It asks you to develop clarity and objectivity when looking at your life, rather than interpreting events through the murky and distorted waters of emotion. Strive to see the reality of what happened in the past so you can acquire a more accurate understanding of what is going on. You may notice things that make you uncomfortable or challenge your ethics. Ask your higher Self to give you the courage to stand up for your truth and address difficult situations at their core, rather than distance yourself or pretend you do not see the real problems because they make you uncomfortable. Like the child in the fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes," your Higher self is motivating you to not only see life more deeply, but to also share your perceptions with those around you.

This is the time, for example, to address your unbalanced budget and to acknowledge and seek out what is really eating at you. This is when you need to step away from your emotions and dispassionately study the problems at hand so that you can come to a solution without blame and projection. Ask yourself WHAT the problem is, not WHO the problem is. Only then can you begin to find real solutions with productive outcomes. Your Higher Self is sharpening your perception and clarifying your view so that you can make important and necessary changes at this time. As Carl Jung once said, "When the diagnosis is correct, the healing begins." And Higher Self's message is: "Look for the truth behind appearances." <3

#Cardoftheday #Askyourguidesoraclecards #SoniaChoquette #truth #higherself #honesty #clarity #discipline #intellect #activateyourpowersofreasonandintellect #developclarity #donotinterpretlifethroughmurkyemotions #standupfortyourtruth #addresssituationsatthecore #TheEmperorsNewClothes #seelifeonadeeplevel #shareyourperceptionswtihothers #askwhattheissueis #takeresponsibility #takeaction #sharpenedperceptions #CarlJung #whenyouknowthediagnosisthenyoucanbegintoheal #lookforthetruthinenergy #energyneverlies #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instgrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 2nd 2018

August 2nd 2018



Is your life presenting you with opportunities that seem to yield nothing? Have your ideas dried up? Does it feel like you’re on an endless journey through a dry, hot, lifeless desert? This card reminds you that there are times when you’re meant to become resilient as you journey through harsher circumstances. You’re being required to conserve your energy ~ until, after consistent effort, you reach the oasis you’re searching for.

Consider the creatures that live in these conditions: they have adapted to thrive in spite of the outer environment. In a desert, water — essential for life — can be found deep underground. Go deep within yourself now . . . find your truth there. Let Spirit sustain you while you locate the real Source. Whatever it is you’re asking about will not be found in the conditions you’re in until you move past the surface of things and choose to do the real work and discover the answers deep within you.

This may not seem like the most productive time, but looks are deceiving. This is a most important place to find what’s truly right for you! <3

#cardoftheday #TheEnchantedMap #ColetteBaronReid #Drydesert #digdeepforinspirationandtruth #becomeresilientandadaptable #endlessjourneysdohavedestinations #adaptationtoyourenvironment #essentialsforlife #letspiritsustainyou #locatetherealsource #godeepwithinyourself #dotherealwork #looksaredeceivingthistimeisindeeddeceiving #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 3rd 2018

August 3rd  2018

<3 CO-EXIST <3


The "need" to control or put others down comes from a place of inner insecurity. This is different from being objective and simply observing how we differ from others. Each of us is unique, and we can certainly co-exist in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

The need to dominate arises in people who feel powerless, and who are still learning how to master themselves and what they manifest in their lives. This card reminds you that if there are difficult people in your life, you do not need to always need to "win" all the time, even if the difficult person views you as a threat or as competition. If you refuse to do battle, fights will no longer come looking for you.

Keep your sense of calm and inner peace, and others will slowly start responding to that positive energy. <3

#cardoftheday #selfloveoraclecards #JanetChui #coexist #beasyouare #becomfortableinyourownsuccess #appreciatediversity #diversityiswhatmakeslifespecialandunique #donotfeelyouneedtocontrol #coexistinapeacefulandharmoniousmanner #youdonotneedtowinagaindifficultpeople #dontbeamagnetfordrama #keepsensescalm #innerpeacewillrespondwithpositiveenergy #surroundyourselfwithprotectivelight #theworldisfullofdifficultpeople #riseabovedramaandnegativity #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instgrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 4th2018

August 4th 2018


Be still, and take the time to move into the silent place within yourself. Locate your internal source of power. Meditate. Wait. Do not move forward until it feels right. Surrender to stillness. Do not take action. If you observe, rather then react, you claim your power.


From the vantage point of the sacred mountain, your power grows. In silence you'll find your sacred witness. It is the dwelling place of your soul. In peace, seek an discover your truth. Move past the bustle and clatter of life into sweet quietude. If you're in pain, don't lash out; go into it until you find the source so that it can be healed. Resist the temptation to indulge in feelings of stress, urgency, and emergency. Your power is born in silence. This peace gives birth to your serenity. Seek solitude to listen to the voice of your higher self ad awaken your inner wisdom.


Travel to the peaks of hallowed mountains, and if you can't do this in person, travel in your meditation. Imagine yourself atop a high peak; you can see the world in all directions. Give thanks and offerings to mountains, whenever you encounter them. The Spirit of the Mountain will deeply appreciate your gift! <3

<3 What does your world from the top of the mountain top look like?

#cardoftheday #NativeSpiritOracleCards #DeniseLinn #sacredmountain #bestill #moveinsilence #lookwithinyourself #internalsourceofpower #meditate #imagine #calmyourmind #followintuition #actwhenguided #surrendertostillness #observethenreace #movepasttheeverydayclutteroflife #donotlashout #findpeacewithinyourworld #donotfallintofeelingsoremotionsthatareunhealthy #saynotostressanxietyangeranddepression #givethanksandgratitude #findyourhappyplace #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 5th2018

August 5th 2018


Sea Waves are formed due to continuous motion of water combined with the gravitational forces of the sun and the moon, and the blowing winds. It's easy to forget the power if you only see gently lapping waves on summer beaches but the full force of water can be quite chaotic and catastrophic.

Approximately 70% of the world's surface is covered in water which, interestingly, is the same percentage that makes up an average human body. And of that seventy per cent, ninety - six percent of the Earth's water is found in the oceans. That is a lot of wave power going on!

As we are connected to water through our body make - up, we too have an impressive amount of power at our disposal. This sea whisper is reminding you of your awesomeness. Don't doubt your ability to do anything you wish ~ you have the power to change, to heal, to love, to laugh and to manifest. And you can make your own waves (go do that). <3

QUESTION ~ Have you forgotten your power? <3

AFFIRMATION ~ I am the power! I have the power! <3

#cardoftheday #seawhispersoraclecards #LynThurman #Waves #Power #continuousmotionofwater #gravitationalforcesofthesunmoonandwinds #Earthswaterisinoceans #wearemadeupofprimarilywater #wehavepower #youareawesome #donotdoubtyourability #youcanchange #youcanheal #youcanlove #youcanlaugh #youcanmanifest #youcanmakeyourownwaves #haveyouforgottenyourpower #Iamthepower #psychicmediumjenncrockett #spiritwhispersfreereadingsandmetaphysicaldiscussionfbgroup #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett 

Card of the Day August 6th2018

August 6th 2018


Feel the soul's wisdom through a heart of compassion.

"Real happiness can stand the challenge of all outer experiences When you can bear the crucifixions of other's wrongs against you and still return love and forgiveness; and when you can keep that divine inner peace intact despite all painful thrusts of outer circumstance, then you shall know this happiness." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Forgiveness is an act of the heart ~ a movement to let go of pain, resentment or outrage. Remove any negative emotions from your heart and mind. Release yourself from the sorrows of the past, as these perceptions are burdens to your soul. Engage in the act of forgiving and keep your sympathetic heart pure. This is one of the greatest gifts of spiritual life. We have all been wronged and we have all caused suffering to others. The unconscious transgressions you commit or the displeasing things that happen to you do not matter. It is what you become as a result of these experiences that is important. God forgives you constantly for misguided thoughts and actions. The universe, your higher team and spirit is working with you to forgive while here on earth.

If you feel you are unable to behave this way, know that you are only hurting yourself. You will stop the natural current of love from flowing into your essence. Now is the time to cleanse your heart, release any pain and replace it with love. You will smile as divine gifts of peace come pouring into your presence. Free yourself..... once and for all! <3


<3 Are you holding onto any person that you feel has caused you suffering?

<3 Have you forgiven yourself for any suffering you may have caused others?

<3 How would it feel if you completely forgave everyone whom you believe has harmed you?

<3 How would it feel if you completely forgave and loved yourself?


I now forgive everyone and myself. I am free! <3


Your heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. Close your eyes and imagine a white and green light expanding outward from the center of your chest 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft, etc. until you reach the person or situation that needs forgiveness. Imagine that light radiating from your heart chakra to theirs or surrounding the entire situation (this can include surrounding yourself in the light). Feel the energy of healing, joy and balance coming into play to help sustain the balance of this relationship! Breathe in deep and release any stale energy that you are holding inside as you breathe out! And so it is.....

#cardoftheday #Soulwisdomoraclecards #SundaraFawn #ParamahansaYogananda #Forgiveness #actoftheheart #compassionway #removenegativeemotions #releaseyourheartandmind #letgoofsorrows #cleanseyourheart #alleviateandreleasepain #replacewithlove #freeyourself #Inowforgive #Iamfree #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 7th 2018

August 7th 2018

<3 EVOLVE <3

You are allowed to grow and to change your mind, your attitudes, and beliefs to become stronger, lighter and happier.

Life will toss us new experiences. These experiences are meant to help us to grow, expand and evolve. Some experiences may dissolve our previous illusions and false beliefs. Wisdom lies with realizing when we need to let go of beliefs that no longer serve us, especially if they divide us from others, or prevent us from acting from our hearts and living to our fullest potential.

You may see this card come up when you are unsure about an evolving truth. You may feel as if you require permission to let go of a belief that no longer serves you. You really do not need anyone's permission but your own.

Fear comes when we speculate about the friends or support that we may lose because of our changing beliefs. Friendships based on superficial values may indeed be lost. Those around you who truly love you are more likely to see and celebrate all the positive changes that make you happier, lighter, and freer. True friends will celebrate your joys and triumphs with you.

We were never meant to live our lives without ever experiencing changes and personal growth. The new you will attract a new circle of supportive and loving friends. <3

#cardoftheday #selfloveoraclecards #JanetChui #Evolve #Earthinbalance #changetobecomestrongerlighterandhappier #embracelifesexperiences #letgoofwhatnolongerservesyou #evolvingtruths #youonlyneedyourownpermissiontobehappy #fearisfromtheunknown #everythingyoudesireisontheothersideoffear #befree #findyourtribe #cutties #psychicmediumjenncrockett #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett   

Card of the Day August 10th 2018

August 10th 2018


The spirit of the butterfly is a master of transformation. Unlike the Phoenix, whose destructive fire can be quicker but almost more brutal, it goes through a slower and more progressive process. It is also very profound: When the caterpillar starts its transformation, it literally melts into a kind of biological soup. Then, little by little, it re-forms back into a beautiful butterfly. It is hard to imagine a deeper transformation process, where two very different phases occur in the same lifetime.

When we need to make deep changes in our life, things have sometimes to melt down completely too. They dissolve, get back to a very basic form, the take a new, quite different shape. During this process, it may look like our world is destroyed and left as a barren wasteland, where all familiar things are gone. It can be the case, but for a good reason: Sometimes it is better to reinvent everything from scratch than trying to tweak something that will never really work.

The Butterfly tells you that, as uncomfortable as it may seem, your transformation will finally enable you to stretch your beautiful wings and fly.

Message from the Butterfly: "Don't be scared of change. Your transformation will ultimately bring you more happiness and freedom."

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Card of the Day August 11th 2018

August 11th 2018


The seven colour rays are spiritual forces emanating from the white light. They are perpetually vibrating - not only on the surface of the earth - but also above and through it, encircling the globe in streams of endless energy. It is said that from the Universal pressure of the Spiritual Plane, there emanated Seven streams of Force, known as the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays flowed from the white light at the centre and through this diffusion of light, each Ray carried with it one colour from the glorious spectrum of the rainbow.

The power of color works extensively in your every day life, and yet also affects your spiritual life, for it is a part of all life, and each Ray sustains a clear passageway to the white light of the centre, from where it first came. It is true therefore, that no colour can remain in isolation, for it is apart of the Greater Whole, and is only an aspect of the diffusion of the One Light and One Beginning.

You are on the right path to self realization. You are already receiving the rays of colour and it would be beneficial for you to know which colour ray you vibrate with. This ray is with you from birth. This could also mean that you would benefit from colour therapy or an aura reading. What is your colour ray?

You are about to expand and grow and reach your internal ascension!

AFFIRMATION: I embrace my power and use it for the highest good! I am strong, capable and loved... and so it is!

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Card of the Day August 12th 2018

August 12th 2018


"I let go with ease, trusting that an even greater good is already present."

The simple act of letting go can invite the unknown, which can feel scary at times. If you are in the midst of an unknown situation, call to yourself any positive memories of times when you have let go and an even greater good has ensued.

Positive memories can act like tiny beacons of light, guiding your way forward and reminding you that not only have you succeeded before, you will succeed again. As you look back on your life, can you think of instances when letting go ultimately gave way to something even better than you had dreamed possible?

Remember, letting go creates the necessary space for even greater good to enter your life. <3

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Card of the Day August 13th 2018

August 13th 2018


Utilize your challenges to discover your life purpose!

Your path is no accident. Every event, experience, relationship and hardship serves a purpose.

Each one of these experiences causes you to grow on a souls level, and evolve into your true self. Your life purpose is not just about what kind of work you do. It is about who you are as a whole person. It is how you relate to the world. It is, also how the world relates to you and if you have found meaning and purpose to life. If you are suppressing your growth, or yours soul's journey in any way, the universe will throw you a wake up call sooner or later. Despite what you feel at the time you are going through this, it is a beautiful gift. But only if you stop resisting change, and let yourself evolve into a life purpose and meaning.

The wake up call can come in many forms: through stress, an unbalance, an illness, depression, loss, lay off financial crisis or divorce. Any of these challenges can be a call for you to listen to your truth. Your challenges are a call to stop living your life sleep walking and worried about materialistic, meaningless things and embrace love, deep meaningful relationship and what matters to you most from a soul perspective. When you stop resisting it by running away from your challenges, and instead look at them from a perspective of them showing you a new way, a new life or a new way of being, you will find your passion which will also translate into your life's work, or a career that you love! <3

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Card of the Day August 14th 2018

August 14th 2018


You step out of the crashing waves, which threaten to wash away your footprints in the sand, as you turn to take one last look at the setting sun. The warm trade winds rustle the leaves in the trees and gently, sensually caress your wet skin forming goose bumps to rise on your flesh. In the moment, it will be the crepuscule, that twilight moment between day and night. But right now, the sky is lit up with brilliant yellows and oranges, reflecting and dancing on the waves. The powerful, rhythmic sounds of the waves lap on the beach, adding music to the visceral moment. Your senses are heightened and you feel alive for the first time. revel in the moment, savour it, commit it to memory forever. The sun will set and your footprints will wash away, yet your memory of this moment will always remain.

Sunset guides you to stop and take a moment to truly be in the moment. Take in, with wonder and amazement, the fantastic beauty of the scene around you. Immerse yourself in nature, allow the water to wash over you, the sand to get between your toes and watch the sun dance across the waves. Life is made up of moments, the more in awe of the moment you are, the more vivid this experience called life will be. <3

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Card of the Day August 15th 2018

August 15th 2018


"Your spirit guides are with you now, even if you don't see them. They are here to bring guidance and clarification, to let you know, you are on the right path."

We all have spirit guides, guardian angels, and loved ones in spirit. They patiently wait until we acknowledge they are there, with no judgement. Ask for spirit to let you know they are around, and then be aware of those signs. Songs that you hear repeatedly, coins on the floor that appear from nowhere, your loved ones name that you see everywhere, in a short space of time. Spirit work hard to show you they are around, and you only need to think about them and they will be there to assist you.

AFFIRMATION: I invite my loved ones in spirit, Guides, and Angels to be a part of my life I trust in the messages my Spiritual Team bestows upon me. I know the soul is eternal and I can be guided from the spirit world. I am able to notice the signs that spirit brings. <3

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Card of the Day August 16th 2018

August 16th 2018


The magic wand is shown here as the powerful symbol of the caduceus. It shows up in a watery dreamlike realm. It almost looks like a dragonfly. Dragonfly lives in and near the two elements of water and air. Water represents emotions and air, thoughts. Blue serpents snake upward to meet. Snakes are symbols of healing. They move upward in an electric dance, activating the energy center. The top is crowned with a butterfly, the symbol o transformation and joy.

Your thoughts and emotions are transforming. You will see behind illusions. Your emotional triggers to certain events won't have the same power over you. "When the doors of perception are cleared, things will appear as they really are." You are in the process of transforming your world. <3

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Card of the Day August 17th 2018

August 17th 2018


To elevate your vibration, open to your spiritual gifts, connect with the higher realms, and infuse your life with love, I invite you to imagine a staircase of light appearing before you.

Breathe and focus within as you imagine ascending the staircase of light. Take this staircase one step at a time. Breathe in naturally, and as you exhale, imagine you are taking a step up. Consciously move up the staircase with each breath you take, and simultaneously your vibration is elevated. Lift in vibration as you continue to imagine you are ascending up the staircase of light before you. I Archangel Uriel lower my vibration down to surround you with unconditional love and white light as you journey upward.

As you elevate your frequency and vibration by walking up the staircase of light, your power to create with love and intention is magnified indeed. And so lift yourself in vibration and in love, for these forces of the universe will serve you greatly and significantly in co - creating and in bringing peace, love and light fully into this realm.

Every moment is your opportunity. There i an infinite supply of light an love which you can tune into when you simply lift. Your ascension and elevated frequency will subtly and directly influence all. Return you awareness to your breath, and take your next step up the staircase of light. <3

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Card of the Day August 18th 2018

August 18th 2018


It's time to be honest and clear about what you want for your life, with yourself and others.

No, things aren't always as they seem and that is important to remember at this moment. Take time to find the clarity you seek and deserve. Whether that means having some alone time to meditate or or having a heart - to heart - conversation with a loved one, decisions need to be made. Be honest with yourself about what you want, compared to what you need, as confusing the two can create discord. Once you have a clear idea of your life, you can manifest new possibilities with crystal - clear intentions and personal dedication to change.

<3 Take time to meditate

<3 Ask for advice

<3 Talk openly with others

<3 Be honest with yourself

<3 Make a list of your desires and needs

<3 Make a decision


<3 Amazonite

<3 Apache tears

<3 Apophyllite

<3 Celestite

<3 Copper

<3 Emerald

<3 Blue Chalcedony

#Cardoftheday #IntuitiveMandalaOracleCards #AshleySnow #Findclarity #behonestandclearwithwhatyouwant #thingsarenotalwaysastheyseem #youdeserveclarity #findalonetime #findtimeforgoodconversations #makedecisionswithconfidence #manifestnewpossibilities #askforadvice #amazonite #apachetears #apophyllite #celestite #copper #emerald #bluechalcedony #psychicmediumjenncrockettandintuitivecounselor #fbgroupspiritwhispersfreereadingsandmetaphysicaldiscussion #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 19th 2018

August 19th 2018


Stand up and be counted. Be assertive. Don't be shy about sharing your gifts and letting the world know about your value. Declare with authority, "this is who I am , and this is what I stand for!" Make a stand for others less fortunate. Take risks. Walk in rhythm to the beat of your own drum. This is not the time to step back or step aside.


Throughout the world, indigenous people have called Spirit through drumming. Drumming was used to activate one's fighting spirit before battle, as well as for joyous celebrations and sacred ceremonies. It was also used for healing rituals. In ever case, the drumbeat was used to open spiritual realms. A thunder drum calls the Thunder Beings from the sky, and they arrive with passion and incredible vitality. Drawing this card means that it is time to step into your passion. Make a stand in life for what truly matters to you.


A powerful way to active your life force is to drum on your chest lightly with closed fist. It's especially powerful if you do a two - beat ~ similar to the sound of a beating heart ~ which is the most primordial sound for humans. This rhythm is grounding and activates your strength. <3

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Card of the Day August 20th 2018

August 20th 2018


Time for positive change. A situation finally moves forward. Fortune is on your side! <3

The angels are wanting you to make way for the positive changes that are occurring or will occur in your life. Expect and enjoy beneficial new opportunities as they present themselves. This is an optimal time to make big and small changes. Take the leap with the knowledge that everything will work well for you.

Old blocks are lifting, and everything now moves forward quickly. If recent events shook your faith, you’ll now see how they were actually positive for you. Rapid advancement is likely now.

Additional meanings of this card:

<3 Good luck.

<3 A happy accident.

<3 Balanced karma.

<3 A miracle.

<3 A twist of fate.

<3 Destiny.

Archangel Michael is the supreme protecting angel who walks beside you through changes, giving you courage, strength, and self-confidence. Call upon Michael whenever you’d like specific guidance about your next step, especially if it’s connected to your life purpose or spiritual path. <3

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August 21st 2018

Even though it may seem that your back is against the wall, there are obstacles between what you truly desire, you are barely swimming or that you simply don't have much motivation to move forward - find that bit of strength and positivity and move forward! Ask for help from your higher team, the universe and nature in general if you need it.


For the next week for every negative thought you have try to counteract it with 2 positive thoughts! <3

#staypositive #keepupthemotivation #askyourhigherteamtoguideyouwhenitseemsimpossible #embracenature #expectmagice #letgoofexpectations #psychicmediumjenncrockettandintuitivecounselor

Card of the Day August 21st 2018

August 21st 2018


You are a precious child of the Universe. The Divine Mother is present, urging you to open your heart and drink from her cup of unconditional love. You're her beloved and treasured child. Feel her endless flow of Divine love streaming toward you. Any self - rejection and self - criticism you may be feeling at this time are wounds inflicted upon you by an unconscious world, and are not a part of your Divine soul.

The Divine Mother is working with your soul to relieve you of these psychic injuries and doubts. Let her restore you to wholeness. Divine Mother's counsel: Accept what is holy and true about you; you are a lovable and much - loved child of the Universe.

The Divine Mother's love is available to you in all ways. Accept, breathe, relax, and allow her nurturing vibrations to soothe your soul. Ask her to still your doubts and insecurities. Te Divine Mother's message to you: "You are forever my beautiful and beloved child." <3

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Card of the Day August 22nd 2018

August 22nd 2018


Extraordinary new opportunities are dawning for you, drawing you to new people and new places and new projects. Shamael wishes to lovingly assist you and, as anxiety often precedes change, asks you to call upon the might of all the Angels of Atlantis to help, in order to arrive just where you would like to be.

Before this fruitfully occurs, it may be appropriate for you to release old projects, old patterns of behavior, old ideas, or old acquaintances. See the "new" as a time to be met by the sun of the Source with renewed vigor and well being, just as you greet the new dawn, the new day, with love, hope and joy.

Change Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha - the beginning of the famous Gayatri mantra - to bring the new energies dancing through <3

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Card of the Day August 23rd 2018

August 23rd 2018



The Well Watcher signals the need to go within to contemplate the true source of power in the world which, he reminds you, it is that of the Divine. This is a message to let you know that you're being called to the Well, and this unseen power will be there and will be yours to align with.

This affirmation and prayer will invite the Divine to bring miracles and resolution to your life: Thy will be done through me for the highest good of all and for the true manifestation of my purpose.

You will know the way forward by the still, small voice within. The Divine also may answer your call by sending others to help guide you. <3

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Card of the Day August 24th 2018

August 24th 2018


The Smoky Mirror represents the aspects of what is implied yet cannot be immediately known in the world, the mystery of how things come together and how they fall apart without obvious causality. This symbol also represents the shadow of the human psyche, the parts of the self that one disowns. The Smoky Mirror can also represent a state of denial, or the inability or refusal to see the truth.

When the symbol of the Smoky Mirror appears, you’re invited to see beyond your own self. Acknowledge that, past the limits of your current ability to perceive, there is a vast interconnected world where events are orchestrated in divine order but challenging to fully grasp. Now is the time to trust that no matter what the current conditions of your world reflect, in the Hidden Realms all aspects of the human journey are celebrated: the beauty and the darkness, the misery and the courage. No matter where you are on your journey, know that some things are meant to be a mystery, which you are meant to understand only through experience. Take heart, for the Smoky Mirror will ultimately show you beauty and wonder once the fog lifts the distortion you see now.

Understanding the shadow of the human journey requires that you go deep into your story to discover the wound that prevents you from seeing the truth of your current situation. Your fears and expectations of disappointment and unworthiness may be clouding your capacity to see the potential in yourself and others. The Smoky Mirror may be showing you things you don’t want as a result of your conditioning. These can become even more real, but only because you are making it so. The choice is yours. The world will hold you accountable for what you see and create. Can you see through the eyes of truth and faith instead? <3

#Cardoftheday #MysticalShamanOracleCards #ColetteBaronReid #TheSmokeyMirror #divineinterventionandplanning #seethetruthwithoutfog #seebeyondyourownvision #experiencelearnembraceandgrow #beautywillcomewithtrust #godeepinsideofyourstory #embraceyourwoundsandgrowfromthem #dontletfearsexpectationsdisappointmentsorunworthinesscloudyourtruevision #youmanifestyourworld #youseeandcreate #seethroughtheeyesoftruthandfaith #psychicmediumjenncrockettandintuitivecounselor #fbgroupspiritwhispersfreereadingsandmetaphysicaldiscussion #twitterjenncrockett1 #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 25th 2018

August 25th 2018


Reflection guides you to rise above and hold on to the light, no matter how dark the night. Realize that grief comes in waves, some with be huge and knock you off balance, others will wash at your feet, always reminding you, but also washing away the pain. Be like the clouds, float above the waves and sparkle like the stars. We are stardust after all

The tropical night air is heavy with humidity, it tastes of salt and smells of the sea. A Celestial Goddess reaches up to touch the crescent moon that reflects in the water. Its yellow light dances and sparkles across the azure waves. Her golden aura shimmers and radiates, electrifying the star filled indigo sky.

As the moon sets dipping down into the water, the Goddess releases the light of the moon and makes way for an even darker night sky. Like the dark night of the soul, once night vision improves, so much more can be seen in the depths of the universe.

Like the phases of the moon, Grief waxes and wanes, passing over, light the lapping of the waves, sometimes turbulent and always darkest before the awning of a new day. The Celestial Goddess knows that grief never completely goes away.

Her message, as she floats atop the surface of the waves, is to reflect on your life and rise above. <3

#Cardoftheday #JoyandSorrowOracleCards #RoxiSimHermsen #Reflection #waves #riseaboveandholdontothelight #balance #eventhroughthedarkestnighttheirwillbedawn #griefcomesinwaves #beliketheclouds #floatabovethewavesandsparkewiththestars #wearestardust #salt #sea #celestialgoddess #crescentmoon #azurewaves #goldenaura #clearyourvision #trustthelightinthedark #letyourspiritteambeyourlight #connecttothesource #griefwaxesandwanes #grifnevercompletelygoesaway #reflectonyourlife #riseabove #twitterjenncrockett1 #psychicmediumjenncrockettandintuitivecounselor #fbgroupspiritwhispersfreereadingsandmetaphysicaldiscussion #instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 27th 2018

August 27th 2018



The strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks is yours at this time. You can connect with and channel the power of the universe. The Strength card indicates that your ideas are being tested and refined and your relationships are being deepened. No matter what happens, nothing can move you off the course of evolution. As the potency of your connections becomes more obvious, you’re able to harness the creative energies that are available to you.

Have courage and dive in, for magic is in the process of finding a form to take. When you remember that real strength comes from a combination of your efforts and reliance on a higher power working through you, all is possible. You can do anything now. <3

#Cardoftheday #TheEnchantedMapOracleCards #ColetteBaronReid#Strength #havefaithinahigherpower #trustyourhigherteam#gainthestrengthyouneedbyfaith #ideasarebeingtestedandrefined#loveandtrust #relationshiplayersarecomingoff #deeperrelationships#harnessthecreativeenergiesaroundyou #havecourage #takealeapoffaith#believeinmagic #trustyourinnerself #confidenceiskeytoeffectiveenergy#youcandoanythingwithfaith #twitterjenncrockett1#Jenncrockettpsychicmediumandintuitivecounselor#fbgroupspiritwhispersfreereadingsandmetaphysicaldiscussion#instagrampsychicmedium.jenncrockett

Card of the Day August 28th 2018

August 28th 2018


Living a life filled with wonder and excitement!

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." ~ Oprah Winfrey

This is your life. You have a golden opportunity, right here, right now to create it anyway you wish. Dare to dream big, by listening to the language of your heart. Open the eyes of your heart to see this wonderful world full of beauty, charm and adventure. You are living an archetypal story filled with emotional content, mystery, magic, contradiction and conflicts that seemingly appear as a paradox.

Remember that you are the dreamer, dreaming this dream called life. Welcome the perfection of all that is and you will come to understand that all of life is nothing more than a passing phase. Come to understand that each phase is born out of the dream creation of Cosmic Consciousness and realize that you are here on earth to have fun!

Feel the excitement and awe of life, instead of fear and doubt of not knowing the future. You are creating and participating in this grand scheme called life and now is the time to have fun! Let go of any attachments to outcomes and you will welcome the gifts being granted to you in each and every moment. Everything you receive from the material world is going to teach you something along the way to make you a healthier and happier being.

Adventure is not outside of you, but within you. The very basic core of your being as living vibrating spirit has an innate passion for adventure. Wake up In the morning and welcome every experience you receive as a part of this ever unfolding happening dream. Be excited about life, because in essence you are a radiant light being here to express in this grand adventure called life! This is your moment in time to shine!

<3 How can you live a more adventurous life?

<3 How can you embrace the mystery of life?

<3 Does being adventurous scare me?


<3 I welcome the magic and mystery of life..and so it is! <3

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Card of the Day September 3rd 2018

September 3rd 2018


Simple pleasures guide you and remind you that sharing simple moments with others has profound effects on everyone's well - being. Offering the gift of time, sharing simple pleasures together, builds wonderful, priceless memories.

A bench in front of a lattice fence creates a wonderful nook to sit in and keep the world out for a while. A family sits on the bench. A young father helps his child to hold a large book entitled "Simple Pleasures". The young mother lovingly looks on, with a cairn terrier on her lap. Dogs are companions and guardians. They become part of the family. A vine, signifying growth, arches across the back of the bench.

The garden has a clay mask, filled with roses of love, which hangs on the fence and a large pottery planter overflowing with daisies of innocence, sunflowers of appreciation and more red roses. The perfumes of the flowers combine to create a delightful space.

A cat sits in front of the bench. Cats signify freedom, freedom to do what you want, just like cats do. Making time to sit together to read, listen, hear, learn and understand is a wonderful gift to share. The simple pleasures in life make the best memories. <3

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Card of the Day September 4th 2018

September 4th 2018

<3 The High Priestess <3

Listen to your intuition. Have patience. Consider carefully what you want before acting!

You drew this card because the answers you seek lie in your feelings and emotions. Trust in the accuracy of your intuition and the power of your natural psychic abilities! Also, pay attention to your dreams and any intuitive messages you receive, as they’re accurately guiding you.

However, there’s no need to race into action right now. Instead, take time to gain more insight, since things may not be as they appear on the surface. Withdraw from the noise of daily life and ask for guidance from your angels and guides. Everything you need to know will be revealed to you in time; just have patience.

Additional meanings of this card: <3 Silence is golden.

<3 Study spiritual topics.

<3 Keep your dreams and desires to yourself.

<3 Learn from emotional situations.

Archangel Haniel is the goddess-like angel of grace and feminine spirituality (such as intuition and clairvoyance). Like a true high priestess, Haniel will act as your spiritual teacher and adviser to aid you in discerning which feelings and ideas to follow as trustworthy guidance. Call upon Haniel to increase your clarity in connecting with the angels. <3

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Card of the Day September 5th 2018

September 5th 2018


Make the choices that are best for you!

Human nature has life's greatest gift, but it also comes with the greatest responsibility ~ free will to make the choices and to accept the consequences of one's actions, words and thoughts.

Everyone makes the choice to accept situations as they are or take the responsibility to change them. Make the choices that are best for you as you will never be able to please everyone. Choose your actions based on your own personal values because you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Be mindful of others, stay humble but follow your passion and put self - care as a priority. Regret nothing. Your choice determines the consequences.

MANTRA: I take responsibility for my choices!

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Card of the Day September 6th 2018

September 6th 2018


All things are possible. Stand in your center and be open. The Four Winds are bringing your dreams to fruition. Embrace and accept where you are in the great circle of life. Bounty and abundance are flowing to you. If you've had relationship or financial challenges, things are about to change.

The circle of life (called "the medicine wheel" in Native American traditions) symbolizes a cosmology that honors all the circles of life. Those in Western cultures tend to see life as linear; however, those in indigenous cultures see all of life as a circle. When this card chooses to surface, it's time to honor and cherish all aspects of the great circle. All parts of the journey have beauty and grace. There's beauty in the rising sun, just as there is in the setting sun. To only revel in the rising sun (and demean times of endings) depletes your energy. Choose what is..... and you become master of the Universe (or at least of your own personal universe).

Create a medicine wheel for yourself. It can be as simple as creating a circle of stones that you place on your desk, or making a circle of stones or pine cones that you lay outdoors. As you place each part of the circle, hold the intent that you're honoring all aspects of your life. <3

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Card of the Day September 7th 2018

September 7th 2018



You’ve stepped into alignment with the greater good, where your dreams and the collective dream resonate in exquisite harmony. Now is the time for luck and preparation to meet and create miracles that you could never have planned all by yourself. Keep in mind that you are a channel for providence right now, as a higher energy uses you as a force on behalf of the whole world. Your fortune becomes everyone’s fortune. Everything you bring into being now will leave a wondrous legacy for others in the future. Your service to the world is being supported at this time. Expect the unexpected. And smile, for Spirit loves you so very much.

Relationship message: Spirit has a plan, and that plan is to place you in front of the right person at the right time. You have met or are about to meet someone vitally important to your journey, someone Spirit wants to bring into your life. Only Divine forces can plan this meeting—it is out of your hands. Pay attention to the signs Spirit presents.

Prosperity message: You are in the right place at the right time. Be grateful, for the stars are aligned in your favor and fortune is smiling on you. Victory and success are yours. The choices you have made in the past have prepared you for the opportunities now before you. This is your lucky moment. The timing is perfect. <3

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Card of the Day September 9th 2018

September 9th 2018


The truth you seek is already within you. Listen, observe, and trust.

Everything you need to know is already within you. You were born in truth and with that, Universal knowledge is in each of your boy's cells. Your situation may be testing your inner knowledge. Stop. Be still. Breathe. Hold this situation in your abdomen and see how your body reacts. If it doesn't feel right , then it isn't. If you feel peaceful and content, it is truth based and positive for you to act upon. Don't discount your own feelings and don't deny your own truth. You know what is true!

Listen to the voice of others but be cautious. Don't be afraid to take a step out of your own shoes and into another to see the situation from a new perspective. Live in the moment and do not feel rushed to make any decisions that are for your higher good. Natural balance, restore and vitality will come with determination and an appreciation for your own energy. <3

If you struggle with judgement, trust, dishonesty, a closed mind or feeling as if you need to rush take some time to work with these crystals or oils:

Crystals: Celestite, Aquamarine, Iolite, Pietersite and blue tiger's eye

Oils: Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, lemon or peppermint and Rosemary.

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Card of the Day September 10th 2018

September 10th 2018

<3 PEACE <3

As I choose peaceful thoughts, words, and deeds for myself, I strengthen the foundation of peace in the world! <3

In order to have peace in the world, it must first begin within. By choosing peace personally, you contribute to it globally. Are your thoughts of yourself uplifting, loving, and supportive? Or are you in a constant mental battle, making yourself wrong and invalidating your feelings?

Anytime you fight against something, including yourself, you generate resistance, and resistance takes a lot of energy from you. You cannot battle against something and still have inner peace. What have you been fighting against? If you are currently feeling less than peaceful, where could you let go and say yes to what is? Is there a way to turn this same issue around and be "for something versus "against" something?

Remember, you are the creator, generator, and chooser of your own peace.

Jenn Crockett's Holistic Suggestions:

Crystals to bring peace: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Fluorite

Oils to bring peace: Lavender, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, White sage and Patchouli

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Card of the Day September 11th 2018

September 11th 2018


The spirit of the Wolf comes to us in times that confusion, feeling lost, lonely or discouraged as well as huge shifts in the energy come to surface! The spirit of the Wolf tells us that whatever circumstances may look like - you are guided on your path!

When we face challenges, we want immediate answers. Our mind can run in circles, looking for emergency solutions and plans. Sometimes we just have to accept being unable to foresee the immediate future. Then we can surrender and know that a benevolent force will guide us to the right place. This is fundamentally a questions of trust.

Stop struggling and go with the flow. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that events will lead you to the exact place you need to be - a place of growth, of love and safety, for your own good.

Message from the Wolf ~ "Trust you are guided and protected. Go with the flow and watch the story unfold!"

Jenn Crockett Animal Guide Exercise:

<3 Find a place you can quite your mind (a car, your room, in your office, somewhere you are silent and alone)

<3 Ask for a sign from your animal guide (put on music, light candles anything you need to relax).

<3 Close your eyes - what animal comes to you, what colors do you see? what do you hear????

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The 10th Law of Karma - CHANGE 

September 11th 2018