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Hello, I'm Jenn Crockett,

I first started seeing and communicating with spirit when I was 6 years old. Throughout my entire childhood and adolescent years I was the "go to" person for questions, due to the fact that most of what I predicted would end up coming true. I started to embrace my gifts and develop in young adulthood where I realized I could read photographs and the energy of individuals just by looking at or hearing their name. I utilized my intuitive gifts and enhanced my professional education in psychology because I had that passion to help individuals that have been through traumatic experiences in their life. Just recently did I fully embrace my gifts instead of my education and start this business to bring healing and closure to individuals all over the world.

With many years of professional experience in the mental health field and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as abilities to help bring healing, comfort, closure and knowledge on many aspects in life. My mediumship abilities allow me to have a connection to the spirit world that aids in healing individuals through all areas of grief and to code any dreams bringing confusion. As a Healer and Reiki Master Practitioner I can send Reiki energy to help decrease symptoms related to physical, emotional and mental illnesses. 

Lets work together, I am dedicated to help other’s achieve ultimate happiness and healing!  

Authentic & Accredited: 

American Association of Psychics AAOP

American Association of Healers AAOH

Canadian Association of Psychics CAOP

Canadian Association of Healers CAOH

United Kingdom Association of Psychics UKOP

United Kingdom Association of Healers UKOH